Gluten Free Blackberry Goat Cheese Pizza

Savory Blackberry Goat Cheese Pizza. Stay with me here. Trust me.

 I love pizza. It isn’t so much my comfort food but my soulmate in the culinary sense. Delicious dough that’s layered with sauce, kissed with cheese, then finished with whatever toppings you’re in the mood for.

I love playing around with different flavors and textures when it comes to food. Pizza offers that “choose your own adventure” route atop a crust. While I can’t recall having a sweet/savory pizza combo, I knew I wanted to use blackberries. I figured they would pair well with the log of goat cheese I had in my fridge.

The remaining ingredients are quite simple; you have olive oil, mozzarella balls, fragrant basil leaves, savory fig balsamic vinegar and salt & pep. Balsamic is key flavor boost, it is the sauce of joy that enhances the sweet and sharp of the berries and cheese, respectfully.

gluten free blackberry goat cheese paleo pizza
Gluten Free Blackberry Goat Cheese Pizza

I do love a good crunch, so I added some prosciutto – which I highly recommend as well. Not only does it crisp up ever so slightly in the oven, but it offers a salty bite. This pizza is a unique fruity and savory slice of happiness. Perhaps it is my favorite pizza that I have made so far.

Recipe was adapted from Cappello’s own Blackberry pizza from their website, and I used their gluten free pizza crusts in this recipe. If you’re adventure drizzle some hot honey (or regular honey) after baking for another flavor bomb.  

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Bubbly Blood Orange Pineapple Mocktail with Saffron Honey

I understand the title for this mocktail is long, but I think that’s okay. Partially because I want you to know what you’ll be drinking. I consider it the introduction of flavor experience if you will. Also, I kind of suck at generating recipe names. 

OBVIOUSLY, 2020 was rough. I will not sugarcoat that fact. When 2021 finally came I knew I wanted to do better for my mental health. While cooking and baking are a methodical expression of creativity and nourishment, it can be time-intensive. This brings me to mocktails. They have become a form of joy and repose. I love the nuance of a drink, the layering of flavors and elements like herbs, fresh produce, and spice.

I rarely imbibe alcohol nowadays. Matter of fact, I didn’t start drinking until I was 27. In case you were wondering my favorite alcoholic drinks are those that are bubbly, slightly sweet, and/or fruity. 

For this mocktail recipe, I made a lovely saffron ginger honey that adds subtle spice and color. Honey alone works just as fine too if you want to save time. Blood orange gets mixed with pineapple juice to balance out the tart of the tropical fruit. I used Kin Euphoric’s High Rhode for a bitter punch that evens out nicely.

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Visiting Coffee Plants LA –

Back in August my housemates and I trekked to Pasadena’s hidden gem, Coffee + Plants L.A.

As their name suggests the cafe has plenty of beautiful plants that you can admire or take home. There is a beautiful pastel themed garland that lets you know you’ve arrived. Have I written about how much I love plants? The name was a big draw for me to come and visit this spot. My boyfriend sweetly picked out a cactus for me when we left. I named the plant François  and he is still happy and thriving.

But back to the cafe, it is a beautifully decorated space that feels like a garden thanks to the outdoor seating patio. They have seasonal flavors like cherry mocha, blue lavender latte, a salted caramel latte, and plenty of dairy-free milk options.

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 Oh my gourd, it’s officially fall festival season. Autumn calls for everything pumpkin spice y’all! seasonal flavor. My baking spirit happens to thrive during autumn so I made some pumpkin spice donuts. Here’s to (hopefully) some cooler temperatures and baking.

These are pretty simple to make and if you don’t have chickpea flour feel free to use almond flour. I know this because the recipe originally asks for almond flour, but I was out so I followed my impulse to use chickpea flour instead. Chickpea flour is so underrated and translates beautifully. It is a little bit denser than almond flour. Highly recommend baking with it! 

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The only trip I had taken this year was back in January. The trip was a Christmas gift that took us to the Mojave Desert and Big Bear. As I write this four months later – a lot has happened. A pandemic took place leading us to practice physical distancing. Some of us are restricted from traveling. Social activities are not taking place. The truth is that people’s lives have been forever changed. We all anticipate for the day life goes back to normal. That is why I am sharing this trip, as a reminder to be grateful for all the simple things.

big bear California travel guide

We stayed at an Apple Valley cabin amidst Joshua trees. Sipped some rosé, we drove to the nearest shopping center for quick Italian food. We held each other close at night, not realizing how lucky we were to be able to travel freely.


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