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December // New Years

 2012 was both beautiful but challenging. I learned a great deal about myself. I picked up watercolors and began my introduction to properly painting with them. I realized how beautiful strength can be and it is a dance worth learning. Worth mastering. I met new kindred spirits that showed me the beauty of a wild spirit, to let go and be. I learned to follow a woodland animal’s instinct and the art of breathing. Most things I learned from nature. I am still learning, and it will never end. A cycle, the ellipse of undiscovered meaning
Today will be partially spent reflecting, and then towards commencement it will be spent focusing on the future. Today will be pomegranate seeds, old creaky accordion music and words about dreams, it will be filled with thick woolen handed-down sweaters to evade the cold, dancing underneath the moon and the stars a bit to dim to find in the city sky.
In the new year I want knitting needles, paint brushes, books to be read, studies to be completed, history to be found, land to be explored, picnics to be had, journeys to be taken, I want poetry in the post and to dance with shadows. I want strength like a cloaked jeweled armor, I want the mountains and the woods the frost of the seasons and buds of spring.
I hope you all have a beautiful New Years and spent it with the ones you love
“Seek knowledge. Open yourself up to possibility. Keep your heart open, your head high and your spirit free. Embrace your darkness along with your light.”

December, captured.
I do not care for the winter sun #ootd
Collecting light
Little owl
All of us have a place...
#breakfast #onthetable
More birdies #art
Winter skies


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8 thoughts on “December // New Years

  1. Beautiful photos. Happy new year, love<3 I hope you obtain the knowledge and strength you're looking for in this new year. I'm so proud of all the growing you seem to have done this last year too! Love you!

  2. Wait . . . you just started learning watercolors THIS YEAR? I love your paintings. I've been trying to paint for years, but my watercolors never seem to have the depth/detail I want them to. I think it's because I'm too often impatient when painting. I “accidentally” found you through Instagram and then discovered your blog as well. Such beautiful words and pictures! Happy 2013!

  3. oh wow thank you so much! yes i technically started learning how in summer of 2012, alhough i used to play with watercolors when i was younger it was actually goofy, i taught myself to mix colors and go light and the salt technique! everyone has their own style of using paints i think, so good luck with your painting, you can do it lady 🙂 thank you for your kind words, happy 2013!!

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