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Morphean: of, like or pertaining to dreams or to sleep.

    The other day I met growth. On Tuesday I went to lunch with my sweet Tina in Silverlake, found an amazing brand of raw, organic rose kombucha, I found myself talking, and even though I was talking to my friend I was also talking to myself as well. Art is something I have done on my own since I was young. Innately and passionately. I realized the difference from when I was a child, to now is that I didn’t think about creating when I was young. I created because it was like breathing. It was an escape. A daydream. A dream. My reaction. As you get older I became more aware. Perhaps less nurturing and more oriented and attached but not in a healthy way. I want to tell stories, hide secrets, weave dreams and honor nature, discover science. Instead of feeling like a tight-rope walker scared of a misstep I have to return to the path I took as a child.
    Throw yourself to the wind and nurture and trust yourself. Having expectations is helpful but depending on them is a block. I am going to make an effort to practice everyday and accept the journey whether it is short or long, positive or bumpy. The path of growth is an unexpected, unknown and sometimes intimidating. If growth was easy, we wouldn’t learn from it. Growth is necessary and worth the journey, to practice and experiment and step outside what is comfortable, but staying true to your voice and nature is the balance I need to discover and work on.
Practicing/learning/forever cleaning my palette

petals unfurling


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