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Something I have realized lately – when we think of healing, the thought usually surfaces around time of illness, loss, prevention. The aftermath.

But maybe healing should be something we do everyday. Whether its healing foods, teas, herbs, journaling, developing affirmations, creating a vision or dream board, help others, volunteering, meditation, dance, visit an animal sanctuary, yoga, surround yourself with positive people, there are so many ways and methods to heal. We should nurture and discover ourselves within the process. We should be kind to ourselves and extend that energy to those around us.

We can heal and bring happiness all with a simple action or thoughts. We have the ability to make someone smile. To ease their pain, to bring hope or a new perspective, to inspire someone, to develop positive manifestos and discard negative ones, to help create, to heal. Not just our loved ones, strangers or beloved animal companions but ourselves

I think to change someone’s life for the better is powerful. Not just others, but yourself too

I think sometimes we get so overwhelmed, caught up, lost, in dreams or elsewhere

We forget to live in the present. We must be mindful of what is happening

I am making an effort to be present. To focus whats happening in the moment – not the past, not the future but but right now. Are we losing touch with whats around us? Are we noticing the little details life has to offer us; a butterfly against flowers, a conversation that could lead to friendship, heads buried in new books instead of technology.


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