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Interview / Hannah Graff

Here is an interview with my lovely friend Hannah. I forgot how I met her, but she is a talented, spark of park of light. And I adore her. Here is her tumblr, art tumblr, and pinterest. I am so happy to have a friend like her who encourages, inspires, and one day I hope to visit her on the East Coast!

Hello my name is Hannah I have been working hard to graduate at The Art Academy of Cincinnati with my degree in Illustration. I am a passionate illustrator who strives to create works of whimsy and dark fantastical imagery. I love clothing and am always inspired fashion design.
Currently, I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger as well as artist and illustrator trying to get my work recognized. I co-run the blog - with my wonderful sister. We post our fashion cooking and lifestyle inspiration and share some of our own fashion and cooking tips. I find some of my most influential inspiration on my tumblr- My art tumblr- is a place to post my work as well as look at other talented artists 
My inspiration derives from my love of books, movies, fashion, music, nature and fellow artists. I am always inspired by the worlds that movies create that completely take me some place else. Books are a comfort and take you on journey while you are sitting in your favorite chair at home. Fashion lets us express ourselves shows our interests and what we find beautiful . Music is always important me as I work on my art. It can inspire me and keep me motivated to work. Nature is a constant inspiration. It inspires my art greatly and is always a place for me to escape to and explore

5 Things that Heal me-
1. Tea is huge part of healing for me. If I am sick, feeling down or just wanting to feel better after a long day I always drink tea. My favorite kind of tea is earl grey.
2. yoga- just simply doing a stress relieving yoga helps me so much. I love that yoga is partly meditation and exercise. It’s calming and makes you feel so much better afterwords.
3. Pampering- I think it’s good to take some time off and pamper yourself I love finding natural facemasks to use for such occasions.
4. Good movies- When I am in a sad or bad mood watching old movies is one of my favorite things to do and puts me in a good mood.
5. Making art- This is the most healing thing for me to do. I get my emotions out and get to express my feelings and create something from it.
Food is nurturing, So I consume- Lots of veggies! I am a vegetarian so I love fruits and veggies and nuts. I am of course a sucker for pizza, and love to make my own pizza dough.

Films that inspire me 
– Marie Antoinette, Princess Mononoke, Pan’s Labyrinth, Pride and Prejudice and Lord of the Rings
People who have inspire me– Cristina Rose (aw thank you Hannah!), Sophia Coppola, Martine Johanna, Florence Welch
One piece of advice– Always throw spilled salt over your left shoulder. Keep rosemary by your garden gate. Add pepper to your mashed potatoes. Plant roses and lavender, for luck. Fall in love whenever you can.”
Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic

In 5 years I want to –Be working as an illustrator creating work in a studio and making my own art books. I would like to be happily settled with my boyfriend living in an old house with a garden and lots of cats.
Dream vision board, what would your ideal day consist of?


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One thought on “Interview / Hannah Graff

  1. Tea, yoga, art and books are the backbone of my wellbeing!

    Also, I ADORE Return to Oz!! I still watch it on Youtube from time to time when I'm feeling nostalgic ^.^

    Lovely to meet you Hannah, I'm now following your blog.

    Thanks for hosting such a great interview Cristina x


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