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Morning Routine

A morning routine has become an essential and daily part when I wake.I find a beauty in doing things that not only waken and refresh my mind but jump-start my creativity and  set goals for that day or the week. Morning routines keep you grounded by being that time of the day you devote to yourself + mind. These daily morning routines can become that foundation on which your day will unfold.

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1. Journaling. – I have been obsessed with making lists and writing down little pieces of mantras or lines of poetry that come to my mind. Sometimes I’ll write down my goals and plans. I have really loved journaling lately especially in the morning.

2. Gratitude stones – I use a rose quartz or spirit quartz, gratitude stones are stones which you you hold, and think about things you are grateful and thankful for, focusing on good vibrations and celebrating happy thoughts. It can be any stone your object that looks good and feels good to you.

3. Britanie’s – Organic Rose Lavender Clay Face MaskI really love this handmade mask and I use it as a scrub in the morning and then again at night. Its full of organic and pure ingredients (lavender, honey) and the french green clay helps wakes my skin up. I have sensitive skin so this is a savior as it doesn’t irritate me and it acts like an exfoliator. I also love the beautiful rose petals and its packaged within a mason jar for reusable storage. If you like organic + clean living go take a peek at Britanie’s concoctions.

4 Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles – Okay Sometimes I take this even if I’m not stressed/expecting an exam but I love everything by Bach and it truly relaxes you. I really like the black currant variety

5 Sidda Lung & Sinus Flower EssencesI struggle with a lot of respiratory issues. Winter and Summer and specifically harder for me but I always have this flower spray to help me out when I feel difficulty. In the morning I’ll take 5 sprays and sit for a few minutes and breathe in and out. Its like a meditation and contain ingredients such as Eucalyptus, Jasmine, and Milkweed

6. Pukka Tea in Love or Harmonize – These teas are organic, and ethically obtained. I love both these teas, they have rose and other herbs that help and heal which is nice to have in the morning, it relaxes me and puts me in a peaceful mood.


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3 thoughts on “Morning Routine

  1. My morning routine has become quite an addiction for me.. I love mornings as well! I usually wake, wash my face, have tea, meditate, do yoga and some reading, but I love your ideas and advice too, especially the gratitude stones (which I never thought of doing every morning.. great idea!). Love you<3

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