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Hello. I have been gone to the farmer’s market, purchased organic produce and tea, green smoothies, taking tinctures and tea made by my sweet friend feeling much better with the help of these elixirs, and nature’s herbal alchemy. Sleep & guided imagery helps when I’m laying in bed, while playing nature sounds (I’m a sucker for them) I dream of rain-forests and jeweled flowers and hummingbirds the size of my heart. That said, this post is dedicated to healing and growing. My love of gardening has perked up and i have been playing with our plants – even singing “moon river” to them. why? why not of course! + happy new moon!

Constellation Quilt from Public Record on Vimeo.

constellation quilts &  Hannah interviewed me 
I am going to make this fermented kompot with strawberries and raw honey
I want to visit Moon Juice in Silverlake and drink some burdock daikon citrine juice
a beautiful coconut dream cake
a how-to on herbal infusions and medicinal teas
Burdock & Rose and Roots Rose Rasdish
my dream gardening outfit
the “Proudly Made” section on Terrain’s bulletin
I cam across this enchanting interview with Bellocq & Kinfolk, I want need their teas


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