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Interview // Mullein & Sparrow

               Mullein & Sparrow is an organic/sustainable plant-based apothecary. Anit takes great care in producing products that are ethical but effective. Her line ranges from teas, facial steams, and hair-care. Not only does she package her products beautifully as well as devote herself to her budding line, she is also an incredibly sweet person and that is why I bring you this interview. and she is offering a discount code- 15% off  at her shop & the code is honeywild13 Enjoy!

Hello my name is Anit 
 I am the founder of Mullein & Sparrow, an herbal based natural beauty brand.  I started out on this path in an unusual way.  I was fashion designer for many years and worked in a corporate setting.  One day I realized that it wasn’t fulfilling me creatively so I decided to quit my job and I went traveling.  It was scary decision but I had to do it and I feel like it has changed me and made me feel like a more complete person.  I backpacked throughout South America trying to figure out what direction my life was gonna take and became inspired by natural healing and rituals.  When I came home to NY, I decided that i couldn’t work in an office in that traditional sense anymore and I decided to study at the Aveda Institute.  After that, I started taking as many herbal medicine classes as I could and that became my new path.  With Mullein and Sparrow, I hope to combine my love of design and beauty with traditional herbal methods. 

What projects are you currently working on?
We are currently in the process of redesigning all the packaging and also building a new website.  I want this company to be a place where you are able to find small batch, hand made products of the highest quality with the best organic ingredients.  I  love that all our ingredients are ethically sourced but I would really like to build a relationship with local farms to get our ingredients directly from them.

My work schedule is completely crazy!  
I am trying to find a balance that works and is actually sustainable.  There are days when all I do is work all day until 4 in  the morning just because i have an idea that I’m excited about.  Then there are days when things are slower and its hard to get motivated to do anything.  I actually find it  a lot easier to accomplish things when I have a million things to do and I’m on a strict deadline.  

What is your own personal beauty regimen
I use the  Mullein & Sparrow face wash everyday morning and night.  I love the combination of herbs and oils- it really cleans my face and the oils ensure that my skin doesn’t dry out.  I follow that with a mixture of the lavender hydrosol and a few drops of my face serum.  I usually spray the hydrosol in my palm and mix the serum directly into it.  I love the consistency it creates and it makes everything spread so much easier on my skin. I use the tiniest amount of eye serum under my eyes.  I usually follow this up with makeup from RMS Beauty.  I love their Uncover up foundation/concealer and their Living Luminizer. I like to play with colors so that part of my regimen changes a lot according to my mood.

How do you go about finding the perfect scent/blend/concoction?
I experiment a lot. And I really like to keep things simple. Well, as simple as I can make them without sacrificing what make special or stand out.  I find simplicity and elegance very important in the design and production process.

And my Lifestyle is so all over the place.  
While I am creating this line full time, I also work as an esthetician part time in a really prestigious spa in NY.   I also still love making herbal medicine concoctions for my friends and family. I find balacing all these things to be a little challenging at times and it has forced me to get better at time management. Also, daily yoga practice has definitely saved me and kept me sane and grounded.

When it comes to wildlife and plants, which specimen are you personally most fond of?
Mullein of course!  Mullein was the first herb that I ever learned in my herbal education class and it was perfect because I have asthma and it had been such an ally for me.

5 Things that Heal me


We love tea! How did you come about making your tea blends? What is your personal favorite?
My tea blends came from experimenting in my herb classes and realizing that you can use teas to heal yourself.  It was kind of a revelation and I haven’t stopped experimenting with them since.  Right now, I am a fan of the Divine Tea Blend that we make and I really enjoy the Tulsi Rose Tea from Organic India. I guess I’m in a rose phase right now.

What do you find beautiful and/or inspirational?
I’m constantly inspired by my surroundings.  From walking  in the park, to reading a book- my brain is always collecting things that I end up using later in my work.

Books or film? share your favorites!
There are so many that I cant even begin! I recently read an interview with Judy Blume and man, I really loved her books growing up! I kinda wanna revisit them as an adult and see if they still resonate with me at some level.  They also made a movie about her book “Tiger Eyes” so I think I have to watch that. 
I’ve also been dying to rewatch “Immortal Beloved”.  Its one of my favorite movies- its all about the life of Beethoven and the underlying theme is unrequited love.  I’m such a sucker for that kind of stuff.  I guess I’m in a nostalgic mood lately.

I live in Brooklyn, NY 

 its still a very up and coming neighborhood.  It great since there are always bars/cafes/restaurants opening upend I feel like I’m constantly surrounded by creativity.

Guilty pleasures? 
Any kind of desert! I have such a sweet tooth, its super hard for have self control around sweets. 
Also, I really love horror movies(no matter how cheesy)- does that count?

In 5 years I want  Mullein & Sparrow 
To be a successful brand and I also want to be able to balance my work and my personal life.

Dream vision board, what would your ideal day consist of:

  • Wake up at sunrise- yoga and meditation 
  • Get the majority of my work done before or around noon
  • Take a class( herbs,art,music-anything to keep the creative juices flowing and to keep learning)
  • Tie up any loose ends with work
  • Family/Friends time!

One piece of advice!
Life is too short and I think you should do everything you ever wanted to do! So go out there and take that class or travel or do whatever has been your secret desire.  I will all work out in the end, it always does!


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  1. I love interviews! You've inspired me to try doing one of my own on my blog soon. In the meantime, I will definitely be checking out Anit's shop. I'm kind of an Etsy addict, and apothecary-type items are my favorite. “I actually find it a lot easier to accomplish things when I have a million things to do and I'm on a strict deadline.”– I totally identify with that! And I'mm going to have to look up that Judy Blume movie. I had no idea it had been turned into a film. 😀 (I just did and saw that Amy Jo Johnson, gymnast and former power ranger, stars in it; I totally have to watch it now. haha!)

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