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Tea Ceremony: Modern Chai #2

Awhile back i received my tea from Marble & Milkweed and swooned over the packaging and then of course the teas. I have never really have an “authentic” chai. So that being said I wanted something to warm my bones so I headed for the Modern Chai #2 sample (Organic, fairly-traded assam tea organic cardamom, organic ginger and organic ceylon cinnamon, saffron and organic, fairly-traded cacao)

I split this with my mother, hers without milk – just the tea as it is in its exotic, earthy, herbal essence and how delicious it is. Its balanced and not overly spicy (which is why I avoid the boxed ones) and I cannot stress enough how important it is to follow directions while making tea (too hot can make for bitter tea, over steeping can make it overpowering) But I added a coconut milk to mine which I feel is the best non-dairy milk because it is full in creaminess and flavor

p.s. as stated Marble and Milkweed uses ceylon cinnamon, which is the pure/nontoxic form of cinnamon, here is a post on the importance of imbibing pure ceylon cinnamon

it is always tea time
it is always tea time
it is always tea time
it is always tea time
it is always tea time


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