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Interview / Francesca Lia Block

If somebody told me they didn’t believe in magic, I would simply hand them one of Francesca Lia Block’s books. Not magic like making your turn pink with the snap of your fingers or conjuring up a love potion but magic like transformation: unlocking the door and lifting the veil to your dreams, desires, and maybe even your fears. The power to change and manifest and even heal. This is what Block’s books did for me and many (literally) voracious readers who fell in love with her magical realism works – most of which take place in L.A. and made me appreciate my city for what it was, and is. Beyond genies that grant three magic wishes (Weetzie Bat) and changelings (the Waters & the Wild) her books taught me that darkness is not a burden but your shadow: a part of you. Instead of alienating your shadows – transform it, channel it, but don’t deny it. Some girls have real ocean pearls or glimmering diamonds that they treasure but for me, her books are a mermaid’s treasure chest.
I got the chance to interview Francesca (check out her blog & twitter) and ask her about fashion, what heals her & her upcoming book Love in the Time of Global Warming which comes out August 27th and I am currently devouring The Elementals:
“In order to have bliss you have to be able to accept all the parts of the other, all the wildness and the darkness. You have to be able to hold on.”— The Elementals/Francesca Lia Block

Your book, Love in the Time of Global Warming will come out soon, featuring Pen(elope) Who would she be in reference to your Mythological Dating Guide archetype?

I’d guess Pen is an Urban Elf who becomes a Banshee

What can we look forward to in the future/current projects you are working on?

I am writing BEYOND THE PALE MOTEL, an adult novel that is very dark.
I am working on the sequel to LOVE IN THE TIME OF GLOBAL WARMING and my editor is interested in having me write a romance with an flb twist.

For those who do not know, you run various writing workshops, can you share bit with us how one can get involved as well as what they comprise of?

I teach at UCLA Extension, at Antioch, at Marilyn’s Writing Pad and privately. My contact email is francescaliablock@sbcglobal.net. I work on plot, character, setting, style and theme, as well as helping each individual student find the deep story they feel compelled to tell. 
Will you be doing another 30 poems in 30 days on your blog? 
Yes! Good idea! soon!

What does happiness look like to you? 

Being with the ones I love. Creativity. Caring for others. Vegan food. Yoga. Books. Movies. Love.

Who/what inspires you {in this very moment}?

 The man I just spent the weekend with? 
Always infused with magical realism – your work covers Los Angeles throughout her various transformations and changes.Anyone can read your novels like Weetzie Bat or the Hanged Man and be transported back to one of Los Angeles’s incarnations – or read Quakeland which is based in the now digital world. Beyond what readers could take from your recent works, how do you feel about Los Angeles today
In Love in the Time of Global Warming we see it (LA) destroyed. Someone asked me if I enjoyed writing that. I didn’t. I love Los Angeles. But I was just trying to describe the sense of looming chaos I feel in the world now. But I am pretty peaceful with the life I’ve created in L.A.

Should light should be embraced along with the dark? If so, why and how do we embrace the dark/shadows when they can sometimes be what we fear most?

I think we need both and we can only grow stronger and find light if we face the darkness. That’s a theme in many of my books.

Do you think you will write another novel that takes place in another city/travel although you have before (Ruby: Midwest/London, Dragons in Manhattan & Missing Angel Juan: New York) if so which might it be

I want to write about Italy so I need to take a little vacation!

What is the biggest misconception you think others have of you?

That I am a faerie.

What are 5 essential things that heal you:

 Love . Writing. Reading. Yoga. Therapy. 
Who would you like to share a fashion closet with?
Angelina Jolie if she was shorter. 
Surprise, you’re granted the gift of one magical power, which would you choose, or would you say no? To heal cancer. 
Describe your dream dinner party:
My kids and my best friends, PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, Bjork, Guillermo del Toro, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Joseph Gordon Levitt, my agent and editor and their friends and family. 
I’d wear a blush Leger bandage dress and black Paul Green boots. It would be in my backyard with a band, dancing, lanterns, twinkle lights and vegan food
Dream vision board: what would an ideal day be like for you
Today. Love. Yoga. Breakfast. Love. Movie. Dinner. Love.

One piece of advice? 
Be really, really kind to each other.


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7 thoughts on “Interview / Francesca Lia Block

  1. I loved reading this interview.
    I've been an FLB fan since high school, and even though I am now almost thirty, her books mean even more to me.

    Thank you so much for posting this interview.

    I am a new follower to your blog.

    What a great space this is.

  2. I loved reading this piece thank you kindly for sharing the answers to questions fans like myself have had brewing.
    I would love to see you include book reviews (especially FLB) on this blog space. Would that be something you would consider at all?
    Have a lovely day sugar

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