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Immunity & Health Boosters


Harney & Sons Coconut Vanilla Green Tea with Ginger  – One of my favorite teas, slightly steeped in below-boiling water. Green tea is good for boosting defenses against allergies by acting as an antihistamine.

Garden of Life RAW Meal in Vanilla Chai – This stuff is bliss. I have been searching for a vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, delicious meal replacement/supplement and I tried this and fell in love. I love it with almond milk (or any milk) just as is. It is full of healthy vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. The best part for me is, I am not a fan of stevia – while this does have stevia I don’t taste it at all. I am going to purchase the large container soon.

Tieman’s Fusion Coffee – I am trying to switch to organic coffees but I saw this in health food store and I knew my mom really wanted to try it (matcha, and goji berry?) I saw it boasting it is a “low acid” coffee meaning it’s supposed to help your body maintain a balanced ph (as long as you are additionally eating healthy) too much acidity in the body can cause acid-reflux, or other issues. not only does this coffee have matcha and pomegranate – it also contains roobois! I really loved this coffee I will probably get a medium roast next time

Eco Lips Ecotints in Plush Red – I love this lip tint so much, it smells like vanilla and offers a sweet color that is pleasing for summer or a quick moisturizer, only organic ingredients used in this sweet little balm

Wish Garden Kick Ass Heroes Pocket Remedies – These are the smaller versions of Wish Garden tinctures, the one I use most often is Biotic featuring Bee Propolis, Goldenseal root, Echinacea Purpurea root. My favorite thing about Wish Garden is that they use organic gluten-free alcohol, & Rocky Mountain spring water! I use Immune & Biotic together when I am feeling down or need to relax. I recently use Kick Ass Sinus (a double dose) to evade what would have been a horrid sinus infection, so this definitely made me very happy. I am also eyeing their Lymph Mover tincture as my next purchase!

Traditional Medicinals Nettle Tea – if you havent tried nettle tea, please do. Nettle is a wonderful herb that has a host of vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium. It is a great tea if you suffer from digestive issues, and it has a medicinal effect for sore throats. Nettle contains natural antihistamines and anti-inflammatories compounds (quercetin) that open up bronchial and nasal passages helping to relieve allergies. I like to make a large batch in a pitcher and then it and add lemon slices and sip it through out the day.


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