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“Autumn mornings: sunshine and crisp air, birds and calmness.”

I want the birds to land on my shoulders, sing their songs to me. I want to walk underneath an endless canopy of trees. I long for rain, quietly waiting for its autumnal arrival. Although lately, I have been greeted by cool, grey haze of overcast light. Dewy as I smile stretching to greet the beauty of a windy morning. Leaves have started to turn and change color, the winds have returned to envelope us and the days will seem more enchanted.

I have several things in mind: to make a home-cooked meal from a different country once a week, to write to my penpals on a weekly basis as well, attempt to travel more (which hasn’t been easy to come by lately!), Plan a get together whether it be family and/or friends once a month

fawn work in progress
morning l i g h t
from cassie
from cassie

i. breakfast rituals & library books
ii. work in progress
ii. forest traipsing
iv. morning rituals, jasmine tea w/ jasmine jelly
v. forests
vi. written words
vii. mountains
vii. gifts from my darling Cassie


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