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Have you ever had raw chocolate? Like most people, I am enamored with the realm and taste of chocolate. But I was looking for an alternative minus the added sugars, additives and preservatives. So I went raw. I came across Chocolita – a shop that creates raw, vegan & organic handmade chocolates. With flavors like Blue Lotus blueberry and Lemon and Pine Pollen, I was drawn those these exotic ingredients. However, Chocolita does make more “traditional” pure dark cacao flavors for those desiring a neutral taste. Her chocolates are raw because they are made under 118 degrees, in order to maintain nutritional integrity. Perhaps my favorite thing about the chocolate was the true flavors (depending on what you purchase) that come through. They are neither masked by sugar or anything else – each ingredient is integral. I had the pleasure of interviewing the lady behind the chocolate operation, Sarah Ann Lesslie about her path of raising wellness and a chance for you all to see the sweet spirit behind such delicious treats. If you are a chocolate lover, do adventure and try one of Chocolitas creations and visit Sarah on her Site/Twitter/Shop

Who are you?
My name is Sarah Ann Lesslie. I’m the owner of the raw/vegan chocolate company: Chocolita llc.

What led you to your path of creating raw/organic chocolates
I’ve been making raw chocolate (L.O.V.E. cups) for the past 8 years now for my friend Kelly Johnson of Sedona Chocolate Superfoods. All the while, I’ve been experimenting with my own bars and flavors and he’s been encouraging me to sell them to the public. I’ve now just answered that call.

How do you go about finding the perfect creation?
It has taken an extraordinarily long time! I really wanted to make a tasty raw white chocolate, which is hard to do. Most raw white chocolate just tasted like butter with some sugar that has settled to the bottom, not too yummy…it took me quite a few years with experimenting with process, flavors, sweeteners, and ingredients to find the perfect combination that is up to my standard of delectable.

 raw chocolate

What projects are you currently working on?
I recently just completed the project of creating and launching my website ( That was a major undertaking! Way more than I expected. I have a new appreciation for web designers. My next project is perfecting and ordering my packaging.

On a personal level, I did a project in Haiti in February that I partially funded through sales of Chocolita. I am currently looking for my next charitable project that I would like to fund through donations from the company.

I create treats that are gluten/grain-free/organic because….
That’s what I believe makes the world a better place. GMO’s are destroying our planet. period. I think we can all make a difference in the world by what we choose to buy. Our buying power is a major part of our voice. We get to choose with that buying power what products and foods we support for our individual health and the health of the planet.

So for anyone who has not had raw/organic chocolates – what are we in for?
Oh man. I remember what jazzed me at first about raw chocolate was how good I felt when I first ate it. I literally felt kinda high, and I stayed up all night giggling with good friends and then skipped across town home to my cottage. I can’t guarantee that experience, but I can tell you raw chocolate is way better than regular sugar/toasted chocolate. You’ve got so many more nutrients and way less of a glycemic index.

*Chocolita uses many ingrdients with health benefits such as lotus flowers, pine pollen, goji berries, etc.

Where would you like to see your company go?
I’d really love to get out to as many people as I possibly can. I’d love to make raw chocolate more available to people. It’s people’s doorway to eating healthier, and healthy eating has such an amazing effect of people’s lives. I’d love to be the catalyst for many people’s transformations.

My Lifestyle is
Pretty laid back considering I work all the time. I work 7 days a week pretty often and barely notice. When you love what you do, it changes the concept of working.

What are your vices?
I really enjoy a glass of mead or cider from time to time-especially if it’s homemade 🙂

5 things that Heal you
Running or long walks, singing, talking with my mom & dad, storytelling, and writing poetry

Dream vision board, what would your ideal day consist of:
Ideal day? spending time with my friends laughing, performing some sort of play/film (I love performing-Imdb me), eating the most amazing foods in the most amazing atmosphere, helping other people by building homes or clean water facilities for them, all while getting paid

One piece of advice is
Follow your dreams and believe in yourself. You probably hear that a lot, it may be cliche, but it’s so true. Life is to short to just do something because it’s convenient or try to be someone you are not. Always express your truest “you” regardless of the consequences.

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