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Ailey Mae | Raw Chocolate

I may be a sucker for great packaging, but it is also extra sweet when the product is just as amazing. Ailey Mae recently sent me several of her handmade, raw chocolates to savor and nibble including Rose & Pistachio, Roasted Hazelnut and Himalayan Sea Salt. I am a raw chocolate convert and really loved that these taste like a straight up dark chocolate, minus most allergens (note some of her product do contain coconut and nuts) These raw chocolate are made in Scotland in small batches using raw cacao butter, raw cacao powder, raw coconut butter, agave nectar.

My favorite was actually the Himalayan Sea Salt! The delicate balance of a pink sea salt and the delicious cacao made for a perfect late night treat. Trust me when I say these did not last long. Rose & Pistachio is floral and light while the Hazelnut is also extra delightful. If you love dark chocolate, definitely try these or her equally scrumptious Raw peanut Butter Truffles. Ailey did send me one to try but, sorry I couldn’t be bothered to document it when it was  too good to wait. I actually used a bit of the Rose & Pistachio in my cocoa, to give it an extra boost of flavor.

ailey mae raw chocolates

ailey mae raw chocolates

ailey mae raw chocolates


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