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Interview | Alyssa of Random Acts of Pastel

The beauty of technology is that you can come across genuinely wonderful people who inspire you regardless of how for away you might live. Through catbird I stumbled upon Aly’s sweet blog Random Acts of Pastel and reached out to her for an interview. What made her stand out to me were her dreamy California/Weetzie Bat personality, a desire to promote local & vegan/gluten free eateries as well as her seeing the world though rose-colored glasses outlook + style. Akin to a spoonful of sugar, everyone should have a pal like Alyssa in their lives. Enjoy!

+who are you/what do you do?
Hi! I’m Alyssa, also known as Random Acts of Pastel. I’m a writer, a blogger, a dog mom, a housewife at heart, and a (mostly) vegan. In the past I’ve written for WORN Fashion Journal, and I currently write for XO Vain and XO Jane, as well as randomactsofpastel.com of course!

+who/what inspires you
All the pastel princesses out there! Lana Del Rey in her National Anthem video as Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Katy Perry (circa Teenage Dream), Kirstin Dunst in Marie Antoinette… there are so many! I’m also really inspired by bigger picture things too, like peonies, ponies, Oscar Wilde poetry and the Rococo Movement. Above all though, I’d have to say mermaids, unicorns, and fairytales. 

+explain/introduce us a bit into your pastel lifestyle 
I suppose I live in a bit of a daydream? I’ve never really liked reality all that much, so as I grew up I sort of shaped my life into a special magical world that made me happy instead. In my world, pink is considered a neutral, and glitter is an everyday occurrence. Flowers bloom year-round, animals are friends, not food, love conquers all, and sugar is an important part of every balanced meal. I think people are either really drawn in to this sparkly, confetti filled lifestyle, or totally confused by it!

+what projects are you currently working on?
Well, I just started my own little Society6 shop which I’m super excited about! Making housewares is super fun, and Society 6 makes it really easy for artists and creative folks to make their throw pillow dreams a reality! Other than that, I’m shooting a sneak peak post for a new Toronto Pop up called Toujours x Fidele tomorrow, and I designed a special pink lemonade cocktail for their opening night too. I really love this project specifically because it supports local designers, brings together a unique community of makers, and the business plan is super eco friendly (minimal waste, using re-purposed materials or dead stock, etc.) 

+do you have a morning ritual?
Tea! I am a total tea addict, and my day cannot start unless I have a hot cup in front of me. I really love the way tea both energizes and relaxes me at the same time; it’s truly a miracle beverage. 

Oh, and when the weather warms up I plan on going for daily morning runs with my dog Honey, but for now it’s far too snowy!

+what do you do in your free time?
That depends on the season! This winter has been particularly brutal here in Toronto, so I’ve been spending a lot of time with tea, a good book (currently reading “The Diary of a Nose”), and my very sleepy and cuddly dog. Once it gets warmer though, I plan on spending most of my free time cycling around the city in search of tasty vegan treats, having picnics in the park with my partner, and working on my garden!

+ favorite blogs/shops online 
I love Fieldguided for her brilliantly curated life and local insights, Wish wish wish for her glamorous outfits and wonderful beauty tutorials, and Bicyclette for their fairytale-inspired online shop and lovely lookbooks. I’m also always excited to see what Vivetta and Sretsis are up to! 

+ 5 things that heal you
The ocean
A hot cup of Lavender tea
Mid-day cuddle breaks
Hot Yoga classes
Any music by The Head and The Heart
+top five beauty products/or brands
Everything from Too Faced
Deborah Lippman Glitter nail polishes 
MCMC fragrances (Kept is my current favourite)
Davines hair products
Ilia’s entire line, especially “Polka Dots and Moonbeams” illuminator. It gives your skin such a subtle shimmery sparkle!

+you live where / and recommend these places 
I currently live in Toronto, but I’m a west coast girl originally. If you’re in Toronto, make sure to check out Kitten and the Bear for tea and treats, La Cubana for Brunch, and Bicyclette for clothing! There are so many charming little spots in this city, you just have to know where to find them or it can be a bit overwhelming. 

+dream vision board what would your ideal day exist of?
Not too far off from my daily life now! I always wanted to be a writer, so getting up everyday and sitting at my cute desk to dream up new stories is pretty much perfect in my books! I suppose if I had to make changes, I’d have a small animal sanctuary, go horse riding every morning, live near the ocean, and grow all my own food in a massive garden. I think all of this will totally be possible when I’m ready to make a big move to the country, but for now, I’m happy with busy city life!

+one piece of advice
Never stop believing in magic


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