“Morning found us calmly unaware, noon burned gold into our hair.”

Lately when I’m not busy, I have been knitting, writing letters, had a few post birthday get togethers and watching too many old horror films, with pizza & coffee

But mainly I have been gardening. I transplanted several seedlings and they are doing well so far, patience is key. And a watchful eye. so instead I think about my dreams. I have learned a lot about independence in this year even though its barely springtime. I am becoming one of those people that want to grow their own produce, knit my own clothing, can on my jams & jellies. A medicinal herb garden that I can pluck from to make concoctions to heal and aid. I want to have an attic overlooking the countryside or the forest where I can read and get lost in the beauty of the day. A beaty I helped create. Self sufficiency is my path to inward growth

birthday cake


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2 thoughts on ““Morning found us calmly unaware, noon burned gold into our hair.”

  1. I think you stole my thoughts ;-). i have the same letter writing set. i would love to think that i am on a right path now and going towards living the self sufficient life. it is much more meaningful to create your own tea's, jams, bread and such. <3

  2. Your blog is so lovely. And I very much understand your feeling of wanting to produce your own things. I feel like that a lot myself. I have applied for a one and a half year full-time course in herbalism, in a school on a beautiful little island here in Sweden. ~Sara~

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