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“I woke early, thrilled by the prospect of endless days to fill however I wished. I would read. I would explore.”

Tonight is for pjs, midnight coffee & streaming The Ice Storm on Netflix because I have 90’s Christina Ricci cravings and Mermaids is no longer available. So much pumpkin pie was baked and consumed I will probably dream about rolling out pie-dough and fire-places and snow. 
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Lately I have been talking and encouraging myself, and I encourage everyone to do it. You know when you feel like you want to do something, but sometimes theres an element that holds you back? I really believe fear only has power, when you give in to it. I think about the dreams I used to have that involved water, jumping into an ocean or another great body of water and since I cannot swim, I would feel terrified and grasp for the surface, never seeing what lied beneath
Maybe the real nightmare is living a life un-lived, or letting doubt consume us. What lies beneath that sea? Or on the open road ahead. Happiness is a journey. Its a museum full of various, numinous works of art that can never look the same because everyones is different and theres a beauty in the diversity. So whenever those thoughts, sentiments of doubt rise up like smoke, counter them. Push yourself to believe in your own dreams instead of leaving doors unlocked and possibilities unexplored

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