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Eco-Conscious Gift Guide

Eco-Conscious Gift Guide

the ritual of gift-giving is a part of the winter season, so I thought to join the many others and create a little gift-guide. Some of these products I own, others are definitely on my wish-list but the key factor for most is that their are either ethically made, obtained, or benefit our health in one way of another.

eco conscious holiday set

Apron via The Little Market cotton apron is hand sewn and hand block printed from
Destiny Foundation, based in India, a social enterprise focused on providing livelihood opportunities for rescued women who have been victimized by human trafficking
Kusmi Violet Tea / For the ones who eat flowers and sip tea. 
SKIN Organic Lingerie / This black bra is spun from fine organic Pima cotton-mesh, perfect lounge-wear or layering
Gift card / To me, nothing beats the ritual of reading a book, and a gift-card is a sweet reminder to get lost in the magic of story-telling. 
Laurel Skin Honey Berry Mask / I have written about Laurel’s line of beauty products before and they are ones I use on a personal basis consistently, this is a good product to start off with, featuring organic raw honey, strawberries, royal jelly, etc. Support small organic, non-toxic shops 
Organic Deer Cotton Blanket  / Deer! Sweet, comfy blanket is made from soft, organic cotton. For the little ones or makes a personal shawl.
Sage Candle in Topaz / I love this scent! I have the mini perfume but candles are so dreamy, Sage Mercado’s shop has a lot of eco/ethical goodies. Her candles 100% natural using soy/palm/coconut wax, lead-free cotton wick. Topaz smells of mango, papaya and rosewood.
Fire Tonic / This is a remedy said to support the immune system, many recipes vary but Herbal Revolution’s infuses organic apple cider vinegar from the oldest organic apple orchard in Maine with organically homegrown vegetables and herbs.
Goodnight Tonic / Moon Juice makes a tonic to help sleep, each is a single serving of organic or wildcrafted Polygala, Chamomile, Zizyphus Spinoza, Schizandra, Lo Han Guo, and Stevia.
Gingered Rhubarb Jam / Family owned Shady Acres Organic Farm makes a sweet nectar of certified organic rhubarb and ginger.


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