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Bobby & Bambi’s Dog Bakery

Supporting local and handmade artisans is always something I will value – theres more heart and authenticity involved. I love my pup and animals are a responsibility so I try my best to learn about how to take care of my own, what is healthy, what is essential. I want to make her doggy life as happy and healthy as I possibly can.

Bobby & Bambi’s Dog Bakery features cute, handmade baked goods for dogs. They focus on using only organic, human grade ingredients to hand make healthy but canine pleasing creations that are completely gluten/soy/corn & sugar free.

 For Mimi I got her Apple Cider Donut topped with coconut yogurt icing & organic unsweetened coconut flakes (dyed w/ organic beet juice) and Pumpkin Donut (cause its Autumn..) topped with coconut yogurt icing and carob

I also got the Holiday Biscuits Treat bag, its really cute and features Pumpkin + Cheese, Pumpkin + Peanut Butter, Gingerbread and Cranberry

bobby & bambi

Bobby and Bambi’s has beautiful eco friendly packaging, and comes with instructions on how to store the treats. Mimi’s favorites were pumpkin, peanut butter everything and apple cider. I was happy she loved the treats and  All through December Bobby + Bambi’s Bakery is donating 20% of total purchase will go to support NKLA, to help  stray/rescued animals find forever homes!

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Bobby & Bambi's Dog Bakery  + Mimi

bobby & bambi + mimi


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