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January’s List Theme: Personal Goals.

Making lists to usher in the New Year is nothing new yet however, I thrive off of lists. the issue was, I hadn’t continued the process of making them – let alone following them. Last year life got really busy, transformative and with that my mind can’t begin to file and annotate all the thoughts, dreams, ideas & emotions that process every second.

I awoke on New Years to a overcast morning, hardly slept the night before (watching too many Twilight Zone reruns) but I know in my heart in order to grow you have to nurture and nourish yourself. I don’t want to fall into a cycle of self-doubt and not everyone has the privilege of a support team rallying them on. So I decided to take matters into my own hands: assess, distinguish my goals and desires and every time that fleeing thought of anxiety of doubt creeped in, I worked so hard to silence it. For the most part, it’s working.

This is my list for what I’d like to achieve as a person in this year. I decided for each month I will come up with a list and theme of actions, thoughts and anything else pertaining to that theme. It’s my humble goal to hopefully inspire others and motivate you. I believe we can convert our dreams into fruition, it just takes hard work and a lot of practice. Fear is not real (I continually remind myself of this) I push myself because in the end, I can rest knowing I did something because I wanted to, and learned something in the process.

january 2015 list

Feel free to share your own lists, or better yet write them down,  write whatever comes to mind, create vision boards and throw kindness around like confetti.


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One thought on “January’s List Theme: Personal Goals.

  1. Those are wonderful goals, and it's encouraging to know I'm not the only person who is still learning to finish things and embrace creativity as an antidote to unbalance. 🙂 What book are you working on this month? Have you made any interesting classic movie discoveries?

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