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 I discovered a new magazine: Thoughtfully(thanks to Laurel WPO & Shiva Rose)  This quarterly magazine is a beautifully curated & centered on a  sustainable lifestyle, health-consciousness & eco friendly beauty.  Think: allergen friendly recipes, beauty editorials based on Greek Myths, earth friendly traveling and clothing lines that are not only attractive but responsibly created. Also the photography is ridiculously stunning!


To be honest, I trust this magazine and what they put out. The products they mention are actually natural and non-toxic. Not everyone wants to do the research in living thoughtfully* (I’m being cheeky) and that’s understandable – but Thoughtfully Mag is sincere and passionate about what they put out to the public. Issue #1’s cover-gal is Shiva rose who is a mystical, sweet soul I have been lucky enough to share words with in the past thanks to her own journal The Local Rose. I’m glad to see such wellness beauties being featured! The magazines mission statement: “Find thoughtful living ideas on everything from travel, wellness and food to fashion, beauty and more. Check out the current issue (digital & hard copies are available)

And thanks Thoughtfully for showing me that the print edition is so worth it & pretty, I want to pet it.) Check them out in their Shop / Twitter / Facebook


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