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February Monthly Favorites

February had really caused to evaluate where I shop, what I support and to be adamant in my path of wellness. That being said I really enjoy taking the time to try out/imbibe these products to truly see if they help me. I do believe in giving time for products to take effect on our health & body and seeing how we react. Also, I love getting to know and communicate with sellers, learn + study more about their methods & ingredients (please always inform yourself about anything new you will introduce in your body) Here are February’s pick and happy March 1st everyone!

february monthly favorites at

Amitea Organics | Organic Loose Nettle Leaf  I bought this loose leaf nettle for adding it to other teas, nettle has a mild flavor, its free of allergens (unless, you have a preexisting reaction to nettle) and its good to use it over time. Nettle should be used in teas with boiling water, serving size is a cup several days a week! “Nettle’s iron content makes it a wonderful blood builder, & the presence of vitamin C aids in the iron absorption. As a hemetic (an herb rich in iron), this is an excellent herb for anemia and fatigue, especially in women” via here and heres another good read featuring nettle

Herbal Island | Raw Cacao Nibs these are 100% organic morsels from Peru. I dont think cacao nibs need much introduction. They taste like dark chocolate without the bitter aspect. Half of the week I am on the run early in the morning and I will top my granola or oatmeal with cacao for a boost of magnesium, protein & natural sweetness.

Mountain Maus Remedies Ashwagandha Root Powder another amazing find is this farm based in Washington who use sustainable & organic gardening practices to grow allergen free (there is no wheat or gluten grown in this garden, yay) herbs and botanicals. I used this ashwagandha powder for my maple Walnut Milk and have use it over the month in other milks. This is such a beautiful root that is calming and de-stressing. I love this herb. All you need is a teaspoon. You can also check out Mountain Maus here

Herbal Revolution | Love Your Lungs Organic Tea Los Angeles may not be the east coast and we may not get much winter weather but its is awfully windy and that in itself is not nice on sensitive skin or lungs. Earlier in January when the weather started getting windier, I started having issues with respiratory but instead of any tea, I want a tea blend specifically for lungs, because respiratory pains are no fun. I found Herbal Revolution, a great company run from a sustainable, pesticide free & organic garden. This tea blend features: nettles, thyme, mullein & hyssop. This tea is one of my favorites especially with a little honey. It can be taken as a supportive tea for people with a history of lung conditions or asthma but remember to take breaks (as with any botanical & herb) I should note of the Herbal Revolution handmade products are gluten/wheat free & vegan with the exception of their raw honey

Navitas Naturals | Organic Mulberries along with cacao nibs I like to top my breakfast with these sustainably obtained Turkish mulberries, they are sweet, chewy and contain a heaping amount of vitamin C, iron, & calcium. However I found I like blending and mixing ingredients. A handful of mulberries, a sprinkling of cacao & topping of chia seeds. By rotating and having variety you’re putting a lobe of plant-based wellness into your body and they help each other absorb the vitamins, minerals & nutrients.


I’ll never feature a product that doesn’t improve my personal health or isn’t earth friendly/sustainable in someway. My own path with my health may have been an evolution within itself and it will always be a learning experience. I recognize how happy and fascinated I become when I learn about the science and alchemy of the earth and her creations.


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One thought on “February Monthly Favorites

  1. I absolutely love those mulberry berries. My husband and I finished a bag in less than two weeks.
    And cocoa nibs with mulberries are even more delicious!

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