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March’s List: Wildlife/Nature Activists & Organizations

March’s List is documenting several of the organizations, leaders, and communities who work endlessly, tirelessly & passionately on animal/wildlife welfare and climate change. There are so many amazing people who devote their lives into helping other creatures while hoping to educate us on why we need nature to thrive. I am so humbled by the work they all contribute and encourage you to check out their cause, maybe spread the word or simply learn something new. Spreading kindness can take many shapes and forms: from finding animals safe forever homes, to capturing photos of the wilderness we may not be able to witness or being the Earth’s “lawyer” this list also has the Instagram handles so you can follow their journeys there as well.

ldlife & animals organizations

Earth Justice | nonprofit environmental law organization 
David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust | Rescue & hand-rearing of orphaned infant elephants & rhinos
Pacific Wild Alliance | non-profit organization defending wildlife & their habitat in Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest.
Farm SanctuaryFarm animal rescue and protection organization throughout the country
Beagle Freedom Project | Rescues beagles used in animal experimentation laboratories + find them loving forever homes.

Ian McAllister | Wildlife Conservation Photographer, fascinating feature on him here
Wildlife SOS | An organisation who take action against animal cruelty, rescuing wildlife in distress (elephants, bears, etc) 
Red Panda NetworkRaising awareness on the plight of the adorable red pandas, conservation, saving their forest habitat
Conservation Internationalwonderful nonprofit environmental organization to help humankind through saving nature
Rhinos in Africa | A community centered educating and conserving around the African rhino’s, proceeds from their shop go to various organizations
Years of Living  | Excellent documentary featuring various talents & journalists to raise awareness on climate change, a truly motivating and eye opening series. Available on Netflix and Amazon. 
Earthfire Institute | A truly amazing  wildlife sanctuary and retreat center, they are working on opening a hospice barn, donate here
Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary |  Wonderful haven focused on rescuing, rehabilitating and caring for farmed animal refugees
Black Jaguar White Tiger | This foundation saves big cats from from circuses, zoos, and breeders. They are fierce animal lovers and their instagram is full of hope

Ghetto Rescue Foundation | no-kill mission who rescue and rehabilitate street dogs and find them forever homes

Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary | Australian sanctuary who rescue and provide home and care to farm animals.

Wilderness Society | conservation organization working to protect shared wild lands, the environment and encourage us to get out, travel, explore


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