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“Memory and dream are intermixed in this mad universe.”

Where does the time go? Literally where does it go? Between university, starting up freelance artwork commissions, and getting out of the house as much as possible I find a rhythm in Spring that involves conversation, walks with canine creatures, forcing myself to sit still and watch films, and reading. I have been filling my sketchbook with freehand concepts, visualizing. I suppose I am accepting momentum. I used to be a very shy person who second/triple/quadruple guessed life instead of taking chances. I’m exponentially grateful that I walked my way out of that mindset.

Many people contemplate the concept of happiness but I think its easy to accept an idolized, sometimes wayward form of it. I think happiness can be found in surrounding yourself with whatever makes you feel alive | inspired | whole.  And it differs for everyone and that’s pretty special. Pursue your passion but take deep breaths along the way.

I sound really positive but its a work in progress. I try not to strive for perfection because I would much rather discover contentment with embracing myself.

fox painting



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One thought on ““Memory and dream are intermixed in this mad universe.”

  1. I was eluded by the whole concept of happiness for a while. All I wanted was to be happy, all the time. But frankly that's impossible, and I no longer strive for 'happiness' anymore. I just strive to fill my days with little things that make me happy, to not dwell too much. I know there will be good days but equally bad ones, and I finally feel okay with that. Life has also been busy for me but I'm content.

    Your illustrations are absolutely stunning! They made me smile.

    xx Carina

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