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Iced Lavender Lemonade Tea

I really love using lavender in edible creation. My goal is to cultivate lavender. as in keep it alive and healthy. I used to buy potted lavender from Trader Joes but somehow they wouldn’t make it very long, but the more I understand the simple roots of gardening I think California’s sun is too intense for plants.

On the topic of warm weather, hydration is very crucial with the temperatures many are experiencing. I remember once in Culver City I had a wonderful lavender lemonade. It was floral, sweet, & refreshing. I didn’t have but one lemon on hand but I did have culinary lavender and a lemon meringue tea from Art of Tea. The tea is a blend of green rooibos, orange peel, rose petals,  cornflowers – all of it organic. Blended with raw unfiltered honey and you have a drink that makes the summer slightly bearable.

iced lavender lemonade tea #glutenfree at

2 cups of unfiltered water
2 tablespoons of lemon meringue tea
1 tablespoon of edible organic lavender buds
1 tablespoon of raw honey I used clover honey
juice of one organic lemon
+ 3/4th cup of cool water

  • First, make the tea – steep 2 cups of water with both the lemon meringue tea  & lavender buds so they infuse. Let it sit for 20 minutes or so
  • Remove steeper, since you’ll be adding a little more liquid to if you need to transfer the tea to a bigger cup do so.
  • Add the juice of a lemon & honey and stir until it dissolves. Add the remaining water and then taste, maybe you want it a little sweeter (up the honey) or add more water it its too sweet
  • Once you’re content place the lavender lemonade tea in the freezer or add ice cubes and enjoy

// substitutions
if you don’t consume honey you can use maple syrup,  raw sugar, vegan honey, or liquid stevia
feel free to add berries or chia seeds
if you dont want to heat up the honey you can freeze the tea first & then blend the honey + lemon


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