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“Do not believe in the things you tell yourself late at night”

Lalala some of these snippets are from August, which aside from abysmal hot weather was a fun month filled with adventure & travel. Big Sugar Bakery is the cutest shop in Studio City with (obviously) baked goods but some local artisan goods and various knick knacks like stationary, ceramics and books. I went with my partner in crime Christine and we spent the rest of the day thrifting through Crossroads & Wasteland while ending at Umami Burger.  The end of August brought me to Monrovia, I can’t remember the name of the hiking trail we took but we found a small water fall, it was stunning to see how the summer heat impacted the environment, there wasn’t much water but it was nice to escape, free of cell reception and full of conversation. Also the Monrovia Farmer’s market was really fun and I picked up some Earl Grey Tea, charcoal soap, & books from a secondhand bookstore.

This week is supposed to be really warm. In September. Call me an idealist but I am really hoping that the weather will go to a semblance of normal soon. Its almost Fall but I am so busy with university (senior year y’all) and painting

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