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“Don’t just be good to others, be good to yourself too.”

It took a few months in for Los Angeles to experience the cool weather we have been longing for, minus the rainfall. So Fall has been a living in warm layers, countless cups of coffee (with pumpkin syrup & coconut milk creamer), old films & fireplaces, wistful dreams and a autumnal motivation to pursue and chase your dreams.

I think theres a certain alchemy to dreams. Perhaps I have written about this before but I believe in pursuing and creating whatever we wish to create. Motivation (can) take effort, invest time in what you believe in and no when to walk away. The concept of failure seems like a ghastly or debilitating concept instead of letting it show us different lessons or perceptions. The road(s) we take can change along the way. To go about a different path or look back doesn’t distort our growth, it can reveal more about what we genuinely want, or no longer need.

Anyways, the season of winter is almost near. Use more blankets, burn more natural candles, laugh over cups of warmed coffee, invest in more conversations, smile at strangers. Sometimes the world can be dark or uneasy but there is strength in kindness, power in living, & wisdom in education.

mimi & a tree grows in brooklyn//

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