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Winter reflections; New Year Manifestations

Happy New Year! I for one could not be more refreshed and content that we have made it through another cycle, entered winter, and I feel really energized to start a new chapter.

I want to spend my days  living consciously, spend them creating and discovering what makes me happy. Even if you don’t think its possible or in your reach I encourage you to to spend your time in the pursuit of what makes you feel alive, safe, driven. Spend your moments as you wish to remember them. Even you find yourself alone, be your own company & fall ridiculously in love with yourself. Years from now I want to reflect and find that I spent my days living, saying “no to doubt” and “yes” to self-care and nourishment as well as discovering freedom in going forward.

While I do have “goals” for this new year, and that can be a controversial concept for some, I watched this wonderful video by Lauren Toyota (also a vegan cook for Hot For Food) about manifesting, visualizing & ultimately what I took from it: carving out what you want for yourself. Please check it out! I am sharing here what my own 2016 Manifestations are. Perhaps they can be seen as goals but I liken them more to mental seeds or moldboards we create

2016 Manifestations
Adventure always
Cultivate good genuine friendships & camaraderie
Worry Less
Wake up each morning & read for a while
Continually declutter-donate
Believe + encourage yourself
Be more mindful
(Try) to meditate
Get in Nature, imbibe it
Do something that scares you
SMILE. Embrace freckles.
(eventually) wake up at dawn.
Help animals
Follow your bliss
Disconnect, recharge when needed
Try to bring out the best in people.



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