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2016 Reading Challenge 1/60 + Coloring Books

Each year I try to make the effort to read more because sometimes life gets very busy but I could never forget the magic and happiness that comes from reading a book. This year my goal is 60, which isn’t exactly my drive, what matters most is making the time to do something I love. Be it on winter bus rides with rain fall against the window, 20 minutes or 20 pages right before I drift to slumber. The way I feel about books is the same way Rory did in the Gilmore Girls episode “Road Trip to Harvard”  after she witnesses all the libraries and feels dismayed because “she hasn’t read enough”

You can join me on Goodreads, read my reviews or start you own reading challenge

The first book I finished in 2016 is Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. I am a fan of his writing and you can read my review here I found this book a rather quick read but really caught me off guard (its always awkward when your certain characters catch you for a twist…) I really recommend it if you appreciate underground, Jim Henson/Alice in Wonderland realms and sort-of self discovery.

1/60 book reading challenge

// Another thing I am trying this year is the ever popular adult coloring books. I remember having many coloring books as a kid and its very admirable to see them in use for art therapy – however the main reason for me is another “take time for yourself” although I love drawing and painting my own concepts, its fun to runaway in these to unwind or step back. This one is Color Me Calm My lovely friend Hannah gave me these wooden color pencils for Christmas (you can’t sharpen them but you can file them down using a sharp knife) and she also painted this beautiful white-fox on wood. Feel fee to check out her art & purchase some

art books and pencils


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