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“A book is a dream that you hold in your hands.”

A small round up of the beginning of the year so far. At least what I have captured: baking, reading (5/60 so far…), meeting new people & eating delicious vegan food. But its what I don’t capture that has also brought a lot of light in my life: weekly lunches with my mum, reading by myself in cafes and finding moments of silence, & allowing myself to share my thoughts and opinions in class (I used to be quite shy and avoided this although I really wanted to share.)

With classes back in session i have definitely felt the shift in activity and prioritizing. I am trying not to let it stress me and planning things out has been an incredible help. So here are some things I want more of:
  • farmers markets
  • cafe sessions with my headphones on & a book in hand
  • film days with my mum 
  • the wind to stop so I can take my pups to the park 
  • scrap-booking!
  • perhaps a museum visit before springtime
  • have a proper film noir (or pre 1960s) movie night complete with pizza & popcorn
  • invest in a good sketchbook
I. Practicing with recipes and doughnuts. It kind of helps my mum loves when I bake them and its fun to come up with the proper ratios and combinations of flavors and farmers market finds (see: pistachios) Especially since its been cool-weather, I’m taking advantage of the oven
II.These are books 2 & 3 for my reading challenge. Angry Candy was a surprise read because I didn’t expect to like it but I really enjoyed the way the stories (17 short stories) Ragnarok is a retelling of the Norse myths through a perspective of a girl during World War II – I have a few books on Norse myth and this is not a straight academic retelling, its still worth the read for the language and how it explores the characters from Norse Mythology – feel free to check out my Goodreads for my reading challenge updates and book reviews!
III. New painting up in my shop – I have been painting lately but not as much but I am working hard to catch up on everything in order to be able to paint and lose myself. I am also becoming less headset on only using natural sunlight and finding proper lights to use at night
IV. Delicious vegan food from My Vegan Gold. I love coming here to eat when I am in Los Angeles and the variety of food is amazing (Thai, American, Italian) – no complaints. Definitely worth a visit.


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