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Zero Waste + Minimalistic Dental Care Guide

When I began to minimize the objects and products in my life, I did not want to skimp on efficacy when it concerns my health. I also wanted products that were purely plant & botanical based, organic within its means with minimal packaging, and yes it is possible! There are companies and small-batch shops who will kindly create sustainable solutions without using harmful ingredients and minimal packaging. This incorporates the concept of this zero waste guide: producing less waste. Also all of these products happen to be vegan and gluten free.

zero waste dental guide//

Brush With Bamboo Toothbrushes | Made of sustainably sourced wild (no pesticides or fertilizers used) Chinese Moso Bamboo for the toothbrush handles which can be composted with the removal of the bristles. The bristles are made of castor bean oil and plastic which can be recycled. Brush With Bamboo has a guide on how to care and dispose (in a zero waste manner) of the brush. My favorite aspect is actually the bristles. They give a more cohesive clean than the typical plastic electric toothbrush (which I no longer use). By composting the brushes and the packaging it comes it, you create soil instead of waste! You would also be supporting an impressive company with ethical and sustainable values.

In Vitamin Charcoal Tooth Powder | Finding a toothpaste I liked was always a hassle. Personally I found most of them abrasive, contained an ingredient I didn’t want, and then the tubes only created waste. Even at natural food markets I was usually out of luck in finding something I was content with. I became interested in using activated charcoal for dental health and last year I came across In Vitamin’s Tooth Powder and I thought A) Am I really going to forgo society’s accepted use of toothpaste in lieu of powder & B) Is this safe (its free of SLS, baking soda, and preservatives) ? Lo and behold I still have the powder I purchased last year and it is my favorite. It is full of botanical wonders like organic orris root, myrrh gum powder, bentonite clay that benefit your gums and teeth. In Vitamin is a perfect example of stores willing to make zero waste adjustments: the shop owner kindly sent out Tooth & Gum Powder with Activated Charcoal in Citrus enclosed in a biodegradable bag which I then stored in a labeled mason jar. & No it won’t stain your teeth!
Plant Makeup Herbal Mouth Rinse | Most mouth rinses on the market are stored in plastic and contain ingredients that are harmful or unnecessary like food dyes. This is a gluten free alcohol based mouth rinse thats basically an infused garden. Plant Makeup uses organic peppermint, locally gathered wintergreen, clove, local soapwort, organic corn alcohol (40% alcohol) and sage. This mouth rinse is definitely a plant based zinger (hello!) to promote healthy & sparkly teeth & gums. You can reuse the glass bottle it comes in as well!

RADIUS Vegan Xylitol Floss Sachets | Created out of nylon and coated with vegan candelilla plant wax, USA grown cranberry, peppermint – this floss is cruelty free and plastic free while the packaging is all 100% biodegradable. The floss itself is soft and durable while being kind to your health and the planet. The company’s products are quite easy to find in your local natural markets and leave zero to no footprint.


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