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LOAM + Slow Living

Recently I had the pleasure of having my piece on Slow Living published on the LOAM website. As I mentioned in the New Year I wanted to shift my habits into a more mindful and gentler approach. Oftentimes I believe people perceive the term “slow living” as a means of perfection of idealism but I disagree. I genuinely believe it’s about cultivating honesty and going about our lives with a measured perspective. Its about taking a step back when need be allowing yourself to taken in stations no matter their magnitude. Of course I will always get credit when its due and a principle source I had for slow living is Beth Kirby of Local Milk.
Here is a segment of my piece and if you would like to continue reading follow here: Living consciously isn’t lackluster; it’s meant to be meditative and reflective. It’s taking your actions into consideration. Sometimes I look back and can’t recall what I did a few days before unless I really take the time to reflect. I don’t want to miss experiences.
You can preorder the upcoming copy of LOAM: Permaculture in Practice that will be released in March (my birthday month!).

This issue with feature:  “A celebration of sustainable living and a call to radical action. Searching for strategies to embody hope? Consider this luscious issue of Loam a vital resource in your pursuit of love-filled and world-building experiences.”


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