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One Part Plant Cookbook Feature + Jessica Murnane’s Journey with Endometriosis

There are plenty of reasons why someone may become interested in eating well. For Jessica Murnane the focus stemmed from her personal health issues. After years of struggling with physical ailments, misdiagnosis’s, and the emotional grind of not knowing what was “wrong with her”, a doctor (out of many) properly diagnosed her with Stage 4 Endometriosis. Though she was headed for a hysterectomy at the age of thirty-three, a friend emailed her some information about adapting a healthier, realer way of eating to improve her condition.

Endometriosis is the abnormal growth of endometrial cells outside of the uterus. This can be very painful for woman and There is no cure for Endometriosis and the accurate diagnosis is most commonly identified by laparoscopy which is what Jessica underwent.

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I  feel we talk about health topically but we don’t often discuss the real story behind it. Because often its not “pretty” and it may involve us becoming vulnerable to the reality of it all. Jessica took a different approach and opened up about her journey with Endometriosis. She’s had surgeries; she’s adopted a precious kid, and she’s not scared to open up about the lows on her popular podcast One Part Plant. I have spent the past year listening (and re-listening) to the One Part Plant podcast.  (notable faves include Amanda Chantal Bacon, Mckel Hill, and Laura Wright)
Through healing with eating more plant based foods, minimizing her stress and the importance of having conscious medical followups, she realized what fueled her passion in that stage of her life: health. She wanted to get real about health, individual wellness, and of course eating more plants. Which naturally coincides with the title of her amazing podcast and book One Part Plant.

one part plant cookbook x violet woods

Jessica comes across as the kindest and realest person you’ll meet. In her cookbook this translates to her writing as well. What I appreciate the most is that her work comes from an innate passion to help others in owning their health.  She has a certification in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and uses her whole-foods philosophy in an authentic manner.
The One Part Plant cookbook is filled with 100 bright and fun vegetarian recipes that range from savory to sweet  and in between. They are meant to simplify your life and don’t focus on the a-word (avoiding) foods which is important because she’s not advocating a diet, guidelines, or specific routines, – she just wants you to eat more whole foods: plants, less sugar, and decrease your stress. I mentioned this year that I want to do more home cooking and minimize my waste. Cookbooks like One Part Plant don’t revolve around packaged food, save for a few pantry staples like pasta, which is wonderful to have and look to as a guide. Personally I moved into a new home this year and while its been a mission to get everything settled in I have been lucky to have cookbooks like this one to reassess and create bountiful meals with.

one part plant cookbook x violet woods

One Part Plant is an excellent cookbook for those with allergies or eating consciously because of autoimmune conditions. Her recipes go from various regions of the world to the ever-popular well and good for you smoothies. Think vegan mushroom lasagna, baklava toast, and orange basil shots. Bursting with creativity and beautiful takes on classics like chia fruit toast and raw pies. Share this cookbook with your friend who wants to eat more vegetarian or vegan fare, share it with your friend who may have an autoimmune condition or health journey, share it with your coworker who needs some inspiration in the kitchen.  Coming soon I will be featuring a recipe from her cookbook along with a painted piece because food is not just for consumption, its creativity, it’s art. Or as the Gilmores would say “it’s a lifestyle.” Get yourself a copy here



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