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Our Shared Shelf March/April: Women Who Run With the Wolves

Consider me late to the party but I have known for a while that avid-reader Emma Watson had a book club brewing in the works (she discusses her love of books in an excellent Vanity Fair piece). And then I forgot? But I’ve since caught up with the news and noticed she hosts her  bi-monthly online book club on Goodreads named Our Shared Shelf
As Emma Watson’s work with United Nations Women continues to progress, to spotlight & the needs and plight of the world’s women, she devotes the book club to covering women’s issues, equality, and creative expression. Each book has a purpose and she encourage dialogue between readers.

March and April’s book is Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. It’s a book I read a few years ago, recommended by friends. Estes cover a vast array of myth, folklore, and stories to guide women and help them reclaim their intuition and reclaim the wilderness of the psyche.

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I was really pleased Emma selected this book. It came in my life about 6 years ago through word of mouth by friends and through the grapevine. As an artist who is constantly inspired by myth and tales and the worlds they create I am excited to pick up this book and see if I gain a deeper insight. Will I notice parallels between Estes’s words and today? It’s easy to fall in a spell of doubt or limiting our potential. Estes book aims to change this mindset and help others find their voice.
I haven’t been a part of a book club though I’d always wanted to. Book clubs could be an incredible source of encouragement, growth, and different perspectives. It’s really wonderful to see the interactions within the discussions on Our Shared Shelf’s page. I don’t need to remind anyone of the importance of reading and the joy it brings. If Emma’s effort are to bring awareness to issues that permeate our world today then I commend her for it. Criticism comes and goes but everyone should be entitled to their own opinions and perspective – by discussing it can we find new ground and strength in owning our values and ideas.
“How does one reconnect with our deepest, most true selves when today’s world demands us to conform to ridiculous expectations? Estes retells ancient myths and fairy tales from around the world and in doing so shines a light on a path which leads us back to our natural state — and help us restore the power we carry within us.}
Have you read Women Who Run With the Wolves? Will you join Our Shared Self, or yet what is on your own reading list?

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