Erin Loechner’s Chasing Slow: A Book Review + Reflection

If I had to summarize Erin Loechner’s book Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey Off the Beaten Path in one word it would be: sincere. She unabashedly and unequivocally lays out her heart and soul in the pages of this book. She is the inner voice of the best friend you may or may not have: the one who spill out her truth to you and listen to you with earnest when you do too. Even though she’s been an HGTV darling, given speeches across the country, and now written a book – her humility is her greatest strength.

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Here’s the thing: don’t begin this book expecting to read a perfectly polished guide of how to live slower, or get a visual layout of how to incorporate idealized minimalist #homegoals. This is not a book on how to curate a perfect life. This is a book on how to cultivate and the consciously navigating one’s life. In the first chapter of Chasing Slow I already learn three things about Erin: she has a beautifully sensitive nature, she’s impeccably intuitive, and she’s innately kind.

Erin’s own life has been a rollercoaster of emotions. She explores how she navigated being a college graduate yet trying to find her voice in the world. Falling in love with a man who’s health gave rise to fear. Moving cross-country after economic hardships and a chance for new beginning. How her job, social media in specific, has been a blessing and a curse. With the advent of blogging she began her platform with styling, design work and her written word. Work piled up as life goes on as always. The fast paced nature of her work asked her to do more or be more, give more.

Yet through her book I (re)learn the importance of detaching. There’ s a time and place for work and the realm of technology but our own life deserves our undivided attention. Erin confronted the chaos of her demanding schedule through realizing that her marriage and motherhood meant more to her: she wanted to be more present. I believe we can all fall into a cycle of running in circles to keep up, or push ourselves to keep in. Sometimes we need to, but we could we also consider what we miss in the moment?

chasing slow x violet woods

“Do you know what happens when we victimize ourselves? When we hand over our power to circumstances? We lose everything that matters. We lose the freedom to change, the grace to rise above, the strength to get up off the couch.”
This book asks us to consider the images and perceptions we project on our social media. It’s easy to present ourselves the way we want, or it’s easy to believe things at face value. With a scroll through our phones we are bombarded by beautiful crafted images or depictions of wanderlust. Chasing Slow pulls the veil off this illusion of control, expectations. Patience is a virtue worth cultivating.
Sometimes that is all we can do, to chase our slow. To find a medium where we embrace our vulnerability and accept our losses or “mistakes.” Slow living or minimalism is not about appearances or clean white walls. It’s about taking the initiative to make changes for a life where we aren’t thinking about what others want or what we think we should be, instead we just let go and let be.
“I do not want to compete. I want white space. I want room for grace.”

I highly recommend this book. To you. To those who run endlessly with beating hearts yet feel lonely, to the mamas and the beings filled with wanderlust for somewhere they can call home.

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