The First Mess Cookbook + A Review

The First Mess cookbook is a plant-based symposium by Laura Wright. For the past few years she’s created a repertoire of decadent vegetarian and vegan recipes accompanied by lyrical writing and exquisite photography on her award winning blog.
Nourishment and sensory-overload (in a good way) is what comes to mind when I think of Laura’s food philosophy. Like many, I first discovered her blog  a few years ago when I was in search of more plentiful plant recipes to fill keep variety flowing in my life. Because of my own need to avoid gluten and wheat based recipes, her website was (and is) a ripe source of information and produce based goodness.

the first mess cookbook

I believe excellent cookbooks are one part food + one part presentation + how well authors can reflect their own character onto the pages. The First Mess gives you ample insight into Laura’s own roots from living seasonally as child in her native Ontario and representing the local food movement. She shares her story of eating plant-based that stemmed from ethical reasons and allowed her to explore creatively in the kitchen. Each section is a genuine representation of her voice and candor.

While her talent was certainly influenced by attending culinary school, these recipes are approachable and really just require a trip to the farmer’s market. The book’s section covers a rundown of pantry = kitchen staples. You then enter the realm of her food: from bountiful breakfast, soups/salads, mains, sides, drinks and desserts. As always she’s conscientious of noting whether a recipe contains potential allergens, which is really thoughtful in my opinion. These recipes: from fluffy waffles to vegan dumplings range from creative to the basic necessities (hi pancakes & breakfast cookies).

the first mess cookbook

Do I think we should all be consuming more plants? Yes. The First Mess is a vibrant foray into owning and concocting rich meals for your health. It will give you a reason to visit those farmers markets more often and embrace the ingenuity of flavor that plants harbot and y’all maybe we can all use a reminder of that.
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*this book was c/o Laura & her U.S. publishing team.


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