Everyday is Earth Day + DIY Mason Jar Garden

Each day gives us the opportunity to perform actions that will help us protect & conserve our beautiful planet. Every bit of awareness we raise within ourselves or our community can create, regardless of how “small” or “large” – we have the potential to initiate greater change.

Here are 5 ways you can celebrate earth day everyday

1: Of course the one swap I believe we should advocate the most is ditching single-use plastics.  In the US alone it’s estimated that 500 million straws are used per day. Straws are a byproduct of oil and when made into plastic they can’t be recycled. Seek safer & reusable alternatives like stainless steel straws, to-go cups, and water bottles. Whether you start bringing your own reusable produce bags to the market or say no to single use straws the next time you’re out and about, these actions become habits and could encourage others to do the same.

2) Be plentiful! Grow something or keep it alive. If you’re adventurous like me, there are plenty of organic seed kits you can choose from! Because we are in spring and the sunlight has returned, it’s an ideal time to start planting and growing. Another option is purchasing a plant. Today you can find plants nearly everywhere. From succulents to cacti and herbs, you can befriend a plant (or two) quite easily. Also visit any plant nurseries in your city and support their cause!

Here’s a short DIY video showing y’all how easy it is to create a mason jar garden. Remember: herbs like basil and parsley love the sun & seedlings need water to thrive in their stage. Sunny windowsills make excellent placement for mason jar gardens!

3) Eat the rainbow. Y’all I know this isn’t anything new, but it never hurts to remind ourselves to support sustainable agriculture. You can use Local Harvest to find a farmers market near you and make an adventure of it. If you don’t already, try to adopt more plant-based foods like seeds, beans, grains, fruits and vegetables. Animal agriculture and factory farms use up a lot of resources like water and crops. Many forests and rainforests worldwide, including 260 million in the U.S., have been cleared for livestock grazing. But when we support organic farmers and local farmers we can contribute to better soil and

4) Become engaged in your community. Although individual actions are important, so is community engagement. Consider what you can do in your neighbor or city to help out. Whether it’s picking up litter and sending recyclables to the proper center. You can find an environmental group in your community to see what efforts or ideas are being raised. You may also have a community garden or farm sanctuary in your city. If you can, donate some of your time to volunteer and help your community thrive. You can also do solo work by planting a tree or finding a group of people who are willing to start a compost pile.

Placerita Canyon State Park

5) Become politically active. Beyond our personal actions and the community, the earth extends past our horizon. There are great organizations centered on the environment who work fiercely to protect the earth on a legal and political level. Consider visiting your national park (or travel out of your city) more often, support them by honoring what we have. You can donate to other groups like Earthjustice, Defenders of Wildlife, Wildlife Conservation Society, and American Forests

These are just a few ways we can help celebrate the earth everyday. It ultimately starts with being mindful and practicing each day. What are some ideas you can think of? Share in the comments below!


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