Is it possible to have jet lag from driving? As in sitting in the passenger seat while we made our way up north for a week-long vacation? I am still recovering +  reliving our trip through these photos and films I shot along the way. Our first stop was Cambria, a little town nestled in the central California coast It reminded me a lot of Stars Hollow, perhaps a more beachy + overcast version of it. I wish we had stayed here longer and explored more of the city (and cafes!). If you like a picturesque drive from L.A. (or Southern California in general) this is definitely worth it.

Our inn was located mere a walk from Moonstone Beach. We stayed at the beautiful Oceanpoint Ranch that was decorated + inspired with ranch-chic amenities that made me feel like I was in Waco, Texas (stalking Joanna Gaines, my hero) but y’all this was the best hotel I have ever stayed at, cross my heart. They provided logs for a beautiful fire (thanks to my mister for lighting it) and we had a claw foot tub that I ended up reading my night away in. We didn’t use the patio outside because we were gone most of the day but it was a nice touch. Other parts to the outer hotel: a sweet recreation room with Coffee Bean  & Tea Leaf coffee that I refilled my cup in while we played some fooseball + admired the bonfire outside.

Everyone who worked at the hotel was absolutely kind & genuine. From giving us some great recommendations to where to eat for AIV (is autoimmune vegan/vegetarian a thing?) and gluten free, and giving us some tips for our long walk throughout the beach. Again, I wish we stayed here longer. It’s pretty much a dream come true even with the misty weather. Thankfully it wasn’t raining when we arrived!



This beach though: an absolute dream. There are built in walks & wooden bridges to guide you along the green abundance of wildflowers and trees. We saw some beautiful elephant seals and climbed on the rocks while dipping our feet in the tide pools. Little anemones lined the water. I was so content in the bellowing sea-air that filled our lungs, we laughed with joy and walked without being conscious of it: we were immersed on the beauty of the sea, the city, and the sounds. At night we took another short walk to the beach where we spotted a lighthouse and the music of frogs along a hidden stream.


Another interesting aspect to Cambria was how friendly the wildlife was. Little squirrels would perk up to say hello and pose graciously. They didn’t seem to fear us, but welcomed us. We came across several but rabbits also lurk along the meadow, none that I saw though. The city does an excellent job of securing habitat for the wildlife while also accommodating us to stroll along. I saw several birds while sitting across the sea as the sun set. This is a really wonderful area for strolling or sitting down to enjoy the scenery because its oddly quiet. All I remember hearing were beautiful sounds of birds, scuttling of animals, the ocean, and soft murmurs.


We did drive into main street where all the stores + shops line the streets. Though we went a bit late (round 6pm) we happened to eat at Linn’s Restaurant which had several plant based + gluten free meals and a homey storefront attached to the eatery with baked goods + sweets. In the morning we were a bit pressed for time but we managed to stop by Cambria Coffee where I got a tea latte but my favorite part of this place was the seating area upstair which was filled with plants (swoon)! if it wasn’t rainy we would have sat down to enjoy our drinks. The drive away was bittersweet but again really wonderful cast adrift lush fields and forests. It would be nice to return and visit the other shops and wander more through the city. I guess I could call Cambria enchanted, from the backdrop of forests to the jewel toned establishments you could really get lost there.


Here is a video of our short trip. Though Cambria is impossible lovely I must say that the feeling the city leaves you with perhaps makes it all the worthwhile. I felt peace and inspired amidst this central coast town. So different from Los Angeles and I am grateful + excited to go back soon! Check out Visit Cambria + their Instagram and check out Hearst Castle if you make your way round here. & here is a video with some highlights of our stay!


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