Leaving Cambria was hard y’all, a girl can get used to a beautiful ocean view & lush green flower fields pretty fast. But I was incredibly excited for our next adventure. We made our way to San Francisco, to embark on the Alcatraz tour (which I documented on my Instagram Stories so follow me on there!) Back in the city I must say it was quite bustling but the trolleys were quite fun! We had to drive on to the next city of Santa Rosa to check in to our hotel. The next day we had breakfast at Jeffrey’s Hillside Cafe that was absolutely remarkable. We let the waitress know that I have Celiac, so she very thoughtfully and diligently took care of my order and made sure my breakfast didn’t come into any contact with allergens. They also serve a damn fine cup of vegan coffee. They do have several plant-based & vegan options for y’all! Nick & I loved our meal and with full bellies, we went up on out north.

Y’all I nearly lost it when we stopped in Hopland! . Hopland is a small town in Mendocino County, starting at the Redwoods. Hopland is a remarkably small city but its quite quirky and has lots of charm. It’s off the U.S. 101, tucked into southern Mendocino County. It’s quite the eco-friendly city and definitely worth the drive & stay back! Nick had found a cafe for us called Steep which brought us there. Dreamy plant-lady vibes indeed. I only wish we could have stayed there a little longer. I got the almond milk latte and took in the mystical ambiance of the care. I really wanted to give some new crystals a home (and really who wouldn’t!?)

We walked around for a bit but had to make it onto the road to hit our destination. I miss you already Hopland. I don’t doubt I will be back soon for a longer stay + more Steep coffee filling up my cup.

As we drove on past the beautiful tree-filled landscapes we came across Avenue of the Giants. I hadn’t heard of this stop before and I am so glad we took the stop to wander. In case y’all don’t know, Avenue of the Giants is a scenic highway that runs through Humboldt Redwoods State Park. Full of exquisite redwood trees and several small towns, there are various stops along the way with a brief bit of history pertaining to these forests. Various bodies of water also line once you begin walking the trails.

We came on a bit of a rainy day. The further we walked in the trails, the light would shift from moody fog that illuminated the vernal light of the trees. When the the very light rainfall would dissipate, cracks of sunlight filtered through the branches and give us some warmth as we wandered through fresh damp earth. I felt a sense of bliss and serenity that cannot be verbalized, only felt. Theres a strange sense of silence in the forest that lends way to awe and contemplation.

From Rockefeller Forest to the Eternal Treehouse, there is plenty to visit and look at when you drive through Avenue of the Giants. If you happen to be heading toward Northern California I highly recommend spending a few hours getting (safely) lost through the redwoods out there. The sound of birdsong and foraging (but not taking!) wildlife is a wonderful way to pass the time.


Look back through these photos makes me hanker for some more traipsing through the forests. I hadn’t been this far up north in several years so it was an incredible treat to be amidst a location so distinct from Southern California. To recap!

Places to visit in Santa Rosa – Humboldt County

Jeffrey’s Hillside Cafe

STEEP Coffeehouse

Avenue of the Giants

Humboldt County nature center

The Gould Grove Nature Loop Trail

++++ Enjoy this video of our trip!



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