I don’t like summer, and that’s why I am letting go of this doctrine. It serves me nothing to clash heads with a season of abundance and birth: the sun is at it’s strongest peak and it’s our final season before the ascent of Fall.

I am someone who thrives in action, movement, creativity. Quite honestly I am still attempting to nail this ‘living seasonally” concept down. One thing I realize is that you must find the time to be conscious of it, which is difficult when you have work, a social life, and other aspects of your life that require your attention. Still, being aware of your surroundings can serve as a means to adapt. I felt like I woke up and summer sprang out of nowhere and yet here we are.

Summer means unwinding + slowing down and acknowledging that a new season means a shift. I am not as active in this season, I turn (even more) toward nocturnal tendencies and my body craves a nap to escape the heat. Yet this is okay. I am realizing that to slow down means to reflection on your achievements and purpose. Often we go through life in constant motion, from one door to the next thinking we have to consistent “show up” which can leave us feeling depleted or even defeated.

Perhaps its my innate nature as a spring-child but I strongly believe in the beauty of life, being thankful for the precious moments that have happened throughout the years like my father making me a cold mint milkshake on a day I was feeling a bit blue, or my mother taking me to the park and I felt most inspired by the colors of summer: the vibrant green grass against the blue skies, the brightly painted colors of the playground.

I want to redefine what summer means to me. What I know so far is that it’s a time of listening to the crickets’ chirp at night while I invest in the pages of a book, it’s the moment that the citronella candles and lemongrass is placed by my windowsill to prevent the malady of bug bites, it’s about visiting the lake late at night and holding hands under the moonlight, staying up past your bedtime to write down all the stories in your head in the midst of a summer night’s breeze. It’s the balmy days spent outside with a gallon of iced tea and little conversation but you take in the glory of the summer day, our memories are like a kaleidoscope with ever-changing memories, so let’s make them count.

Here are some practices I have been reveling in to enjoy the last weeks of our endless summer days

Lately I have been using the iphone app: Relax Meditations when I feel anxious, worn out, or need to mellow out. I like that you can create your own sounds and there are some guided meditations as well. I also like using it when I want to fall asleep in lieu of podcasts!

Cooling down with pitchers of iced tea + plucking in mint, some fruit, and flowers. I have been imbibing a lot of matcha lemonade lately and it’s quite lovely.

Planning ahead, this is fairly new to me be quite essential. Sometimes I travel often or am not at home which can be nice in the moment but possibly takes a toll when you’re least expecting it. I find that aside from filming + shooting (and recipe testing) I don’t really like to cook or bake in the summer so I have been batching up meals that are easy to access like soups, granola, overnight oats with coconut cream, and summer squash.

Embracing yourself. One thing I noticed since summer came along was that I kept pushing myself and whenever I felt tired I would actually become upset with myself. I cant deny that this year has definitely been a whirlwind of activity, change, and new phases which is good but if you don’t take the time to unwind and relax it will definitely wear you out.

Going inward with activities. Think reading, I recently finished two books thus far this summer: Ghost on Black Mountain, and The Girl Who Chased The Moon both of which I really liked and finished in a few days. Besides reading I got a recycled sketchbook and have been carving out time to relax and create. Self-care and creating can go hand in hand, depending on how you go about it!

I hope this was helpful to y’all! Let me know how you celebrate your summer days + nights.





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