To keep it real, I avoided subscription boxes for a few reasons. I questioned how sustainable they could be if there were items you didn’t necessarily need/want, let alone if they gave you an influx of sample products that collect up and typically are not recyclable. Another reason was the concept of things. I wanted to limit material items in my life to what I genuinely want + need.

For those of y’all that don’t know or are new to the blog, mental health + psychological + physical wellbeing are close to my heart and a passion of mine. It’s one of the reasons I work on this blog to empower others to be kind to themselves + the world. We so often hear about self care yet do we truly practice it? You can live in a tranquil area surrounded by the tallest of trees, wildflowers for days yet still feel the weight of stress atop your shoulders.

However, going back to the concept that there are boxes for everyone under the moon, I came across a subscription boxes that is centered around wellness + self-care. Caring Crate defines themselves as:

“a monthly subscription box service for those dealing with mental health issues, chronic illnesses – or anyone who needs a little extra self-care.” This is what drew me to the company, the fact that its rooted in being okay with addressing + assessing yourself regardless of your journey. Chronic illness, autoimmune disease, and mental health are topics we hear about but there are still stigmas surrounding them. However, I will always advocate that our stories matter, our journeys matter, & focusing on our health is not selfish – it’s might.

I am someone can get completely lost in work + creating. Which may sound good aloud but when you don’t connect with yourself to check in and decompress, it can truly have an effect on your body + mind. There was a point in my life that I was very physically ill that required me to detach from life: school, activities, friends, and movement. On the other side, I was  very down about my ailments that I chose to self isolate and silently ache. I discovered that I had an autoimmune condition and from there I began to start taking better care of myself: wholesome eating, reducing my stress, and addressing my autoimmune issues and food allergies. This is still a work in progress There are days that are harder than others and there have been times where you just need to decompress and nourish your health, both inside and out.

Caring Crate shares this same philosophy which is why its founder Janelle Mortel creates these beautiful packages that are rooted in sustainability + wellness: “We skip the roundup of one-use products and instead provide you with the “tools” you need to care for your own well-being. Think of it as a gift to yourself, sans guilt.” 

Caring Crate boxes offer 4-5 full-sized products centered around a theme that can be interactive but essentially these activities are central to healing, growth, and slow living. Caring Crate featured local and independent artisans which adds to the value of supporting Caring Crate because each item is handpicked + handmade. Caring Crate encourages you to snail mail their self-care boxes or a loved one, or yes even yourself.

If you happen to live with chronic illness, if you do have a mental health issue, or if you feel stressed out then I recommend you focus on yourself. Not everyone has that support group and that’s okay. Who you do have is yourself, cultivate that relationship. Nourish your roots. Step back and address what you need + if you need a break then continue onward.

I received the July box which the theme was “Simple Summer Evening” (hello, YES!) which came with thoughtful products perfect for a solo-night to yourself which is one of my favorite pastimes but I had not always made the time for. This changes now. This box featured a lovely soy candle meant to keep those summer critters away (with citronella & lemongrass!), a charcoal face scrub which is handmade by an apothecary, the sweetest chocolate sprinkles that are vegan & cruelty free, caramel, and a natural + botanical based peppermint foot scrub. These were SO lovely to use on a balmy summer night: candlelight + beauty routines + topped off with a frothy vegan latte w/ chocolate sprinkles? yes please. I love that this box encourages you, in a gentle way, to indulge in the little things: be it a bath and

There’s a difference between consuming just to consume and investing in possessions that serve a purpose. Another perk is that Caring Crate is minimal packaging and completely compostable or recyclable. The specific products I received are also glass, tin, or recyclable plastic which be reused or upcycled. Compared to other subscription boxes, Caring Crate is sustainable for its selection of products and attention to composing a service that is a reminder to make time for yourself + whomever you get the subscription box for!


Subscribe to Caring Crate at their website (you can also do a one time purchase or build your own box!)

Vist Caring Crate and their inspiring social media pages at Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook

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