Roasted Summer Veggie Pizza x Earthy Decor feat Clovers Garden

After a long work week sometimes you need a bit of downtime to yourself. I repeat: take time to do your own thing. Never feel like you can’t dedicate some time to unwind, especially on the warm sunny summer days. Because ideally, I would be taking a languid stroll through the lake but you know, I can dream. While August is wining down (but those darn templates still rising!) I wanted to take it easy. Like maybe embrace the summer day. You know?

So onto this easy dusk-time meal. Pizza is one of my favorite things in life, you can top it with whatever is local, whatever is a bulk find, and its quite easy of a recipe because the weekends are(should be) for chilling (and getting down to relaxing). I added a plant based + vegan ricotta cheese but feel free to change it up! I ended up making this roasted summer veggie pizza to split with my mum + some galaxy (flower) iced lemonade that is a radially beautiful, albeit not traditional lemonade color!

This pizza is simple to assemble: yellow squash, cherry tomatoes, and bulk mushrooms of any variety are an easy find at any farmer’s market. Just take a reusuable cotton bag and fill as much as you need! I also like getting bulk pizza sauce that comes in a recyclable container + can be used in pasta dishes the next day. Or you can just make more pizza, whatever makes y’all happy. I found beautiful purple potatoes at the market and decided to make some baked wedges to go along with our meal, just sprinkled with some pink sea salt & pepper.



For this recipe I gave in and tried the new Trader Joe’s  cauliflower pizza crust because its vegan, grain free, and minimally packaged. You can totally DIY it or go a different route. My consensus on this particular crust? It’s totally worth it, it’s a fluffy crust regardless of the fact that its cauliflower based yet doesn’t taste like cauliflower? You can sprinkle some sea salt and a smidge of olive oil when you bake it for some extra flavor. Pro-tip: broil it according to the recipe on the box for a crispy but typical structure of a pizza crust. Unless you’re a pro at pizza crust flipping (I for one, am not.)

Clover’s Lemongrass + Citronella Candles






We’ve been having balmy days so for this particular weekend we opened the porch doors + lit some citronella candles (like these lemongrass + citronella ones from Clover Home & Garden) and decorated with some natural elements: crystals, sun-loving cacti, dried eucalypti. Days like this capture the admirable aspects of summer: sunshine, camaraderie, some warm pizza + good conversation and perhaps binge-watching Riverdale (y’all I’m late to the party but it it SO GOOD) shortly after, because I am totally counting down the days to Autumn.

Roasted Summer Veggie Pizza v + gf

1 Trader Joe’s cauliflower pizza crust
1 yellow summer squash
1/4rd cup cherry tomatoes, slices
1/2 cup of pizza sauce
½ cup mushrooms (I chose portobella)
1/3 cup almond ricotta (recipe here)
pinch of pink sea salt

Follow the directions for the crust, but my tip is to broil it unless you’re really good at flipping the crust at the midway point to avoid it falling apart.

While the crust is baking, slice your squash & mushrooms and lightly sauté with coconut oil and sea salt until they cook down – roughly 6-9 minutes on medium heat.

Slice the cherry tomatoes and set aside

When the crust is ready, ladle on your pizza sauce, veggies, and cook for 10 minutes

After 10 minutes, add your almond ricotta and let it cook for 3 minutes


Floral Strawberry Lemonade

1/8th teaspoon Blue Chai tea powder
½ cup fresh lemon juice
2 tablespoons of Grade B maple syrup
slivered strawberries

Mix everything in a blender or stir vigorously to make a yummy + colorful lemonade and watch it change colors!




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