Let it be known that I will always be drawn to any facet of nature. While I was never really drawn to jewelry, and I don’t own much to begin with. However, that changed after feeling like I wanted to channel some earthy vibes + wear that proudly.

It’s no secret that gemstones + crystals have become ubiquitous lately. But I wanted something genuine, a timeless piece that I wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. In truth I prefer substance over ease. I wanted something handmade and thoughtfully curated.

After seeing Handcrafted Gems raw stone jewelry, I was innately gravitating over each ring. Maker Olivia Rose’s store Handcrafted Gems showcases the ephemeral beauty of gemstone jewelry. Her individual signature pieces showcase the actual stones themselves with your choice of band (I tend to favor the rose gold one!) that is customizable, a rose gold setting gives off a rustic + minimalistic vibe, a rhodium silver or yellow gold setting can be created for an engagement or classic mood.

Based out of San Diego, California, Rose creates her timeless pieces. Her passion is driven by “highlighting natural beauty –yours & raw stones from the earth” Her goal is to enrich others through joy, healing, and light. Handcrafted Gems carefully sources and their stones and no stone is alike, as each stone is created by nature and entirely unique. Each ring is hand hammered and crafted by Olivia herself.

I am featuring + wearing a beautiful Aquamarine ring which happens to be my birthstone. As a child I was always drawn to the idea of birthstone, charm jewelry, and little facets of correspondences meant to describe aspects of yourself. I love that birthstones are a part of Handcrafted Gem’s collection. My own ring’s birthstone description is listed as the gem of the mermaids, the aquamarine literally means “water and the sea.” This blue beauty promotes courage, compassion, harmony and empathy. March’s birthstone it is thought to be a protective stone for traveling on the ocean and also helps you to navigate the sea of your life.” I will admit this is the first genuine aquamarine piece I have in my possession and I love the raw celestial stone so dearly. Its beautiful color reminds me of bodies of water and find it so precious. Find your own birthstone and see what it what it says!


The second ring is a beautiful triple Blue Apatite ring that I obviously chose for the beautiful color. Blue Apatite​’s correspondence is: “A deeply spiritual stone that encourages focus, thinking and enhances creativity. This is an amazing motivational stone that aids in communication, as well.” This piece is so sleek yet versatile because of it multi-stone setting. The color of blue apatite always leaves me at a loss for words. You’d have to visit an enchanted stream to find a color like it in the wild.

Handcrafted Gems also won me over with their packaging. A round yet beautiful kraft box with eco friendly package fiber holds your ring, all of which is recyclable but I kept my box because its so rustic and meaningful. Dedication and thought is placed in each aspect from design to craftsmanship which is advantageous when it comes to customizing your own ring!

Use the code AWILDFLOWER for 10% off your order at Handcrafted Gems!

*This post was kindly sponsored by Handcrafted Gems – all opinions & thoughts are my own






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