The Wallflower Box: A Monthly Subscription box for the Silently Strong + Quietly Confident

Are you a wallflower? Have you been more drawn to your personal inner world, you prefer to observe and listen to what the rest of spectators may miss. Do others consider you “shy” or perhaps, reserved?

I remember being labelled as a wallflower as a child. It was in my nature to be naturally introspective. I was the girl who preferred books and quiet corners, who;se heart raced a bit when I felt I had to make conversation (which didn’t come naturally to me).

I think most wallflowers are given that label. Like daydreamers or perceived peculiar

The Wallflower Box is a subscription box for those whose inner nature find joy through reflection and insight. Perhaps you consider yourself an introvert, a highly sensitive person, or simply put: a wallflower.


Wallflower Boxes are meant to remind us to live in our quiet euphoria. Each box comes with 6-8 handpicked, cruelty-free, vegan and/or vegetarian items that will allow the recipient to come full circle with time spent in comfort and discovery. The founders of the Wallflower Box choose to work with local artists + independent shops. Any food item featured are hand selected to be a variation of vegan, vegetarian, gluten free items (each box can differ depending on the month)

The sweet box I received featured a sweet cupcake bath bomb, a pretty in pink nail polish, a nourishing, lip balm, the yummiest smelling lavender oatmeal bath soak, coasters for warm cups of tea or coffee (because its fall yall!) but wait! As extra goodies revealed to be a lovely bag + book on introverts.

The Wallflower Box asks us to reclaim our deep nature. We are expansive and flourishing with a vivid palette of thought and reveries. For those who know us we are: “Silently Strong, Quietly Confident, and Secretly Bold.” Being an introvert is not odd, strange, or peculiar. It’s just who you are. It took me along time to accept myself and realize that wallflowers are full of strength and aptitude. Each one of us is different and neither one of us are alike.

Life can be stressful. I know after a work week I can crave a bed full of pillows and books for days. My own beau is an introvert and as much as we like to escape + explore with each other, sometimes the best nights are spent getting coffee and then turning on some films or reading together. But The Wallflower Box is for me, it is my own personal “hello, please don’t stress and remember to unwind”


The Wallflower Box comes in various subscription plans + you can even purchase past boxes. Whether you get one for yourself, or a fellow wallflower, you will truly enjoy the thoughtful pieces that are gathered in each monthly box. You can visit their social media on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and you can enter the code WALLFLOWERSBLOOM on checkout at they are kindly giving y’all Wildflower followers a special 10% off discount!




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