When it comes to skincare, I prefer to lean toward a botanical + natural route. Becoming conscious of what I apply on my skin is something I am taking slightly more seriously with each year. My prior skincare routine as limited to avoiding the sun at all costs, charcoal soap, and the occasional cleanser. My skin is quite sensitive & changes with the seasons so I wanted to embark further into the realm of clean + plant based skincare that is vegan, ethical as possible, multi-purposeful.

Apoterra Skincare is beautifully designed skincare line that evokes apothecaries of eras past that is literally a greenhouse compounded into various crafted skincare products. Everything from aloe, rose, to tulsi is incorporated into their repetoire of products.

Apoterra, means “derived from the earth”

Apo = derived from

Terra = earth

Apoterra kindly offers a Ritual Quiz which gives you a personalized result from an herbalist + aroma therapist based on your responses and skins beneficial needs. While the majority of their skincare products are vegan (all are vegetarian and each product featured here is vegan) I love that they have gluten free products (even the oats!) because yes, many people with a chronic/autoimmune condition must avoid the molecule.

Apoterra is extremely conscious of where they source their botanical ingredients. Sustainability is humbly important to the ethos of Apotera Skincare, from their dark glass packaging to the outer mailingpackaging that has leaves no negative impact (think biodegradable or recyclable) Extra bonus points? Apoterra uses biodegradable materials for shipping and their energy is provided by wind energy.  They are also Leaping Bunny cruelty-free certified!

I am reviewing the Rose Nourishing Serum with Rosehip + CoQ10 which features rose and geranium petals, pomegranate, evening primrose and rosehip seeds. It reminds me of of autumn which a scent evoking dulcetness. However I love that it contains a vegan Coq10 + carrot seed oil which is, in my opinion, understated but its essential for skincare especially if you have sun damage. While this serum states it’s for dry/mature, it applies to sensitive skin as well. This serum doubles as a moisturizer, and I personally love adding the recommended 3-6 drops to my under eye eye area + temples+ neck at night! Even though my skin is decently soft (I thank my years of avoiding the sun) it does not mean I don’t get dryness especially in the cooler seasons so this has been a wonderful addition to prevent moisture loss and also stimulate collagen. I also add a 1-2 drops to my body if there’s dryness and I want a potent + curative serum.

So back to the carrot seed y’all. The second beauty product is Apoterra’s Pumpkin + Wild Carrot Complexion Soap. This soap is best for combination + skin that needs a little TLC (especially after this summer…) However, this product can be used by those who have dry skin too. Apoterra recommends: Pro Tip: If you have very dry skin, cleanse with this soap in the evening.

Wild carrot seed oil does not come from the root vegetable we eat, but a flower, Queen Ann’s Lace! I love wild carrot seed oil for skincare because it’s purpose is to brighten and the pumpkin pulp in this soap is specifically added for helping discoloration. This soap is 100% organic and there is palm oil – while I avoid palm oil, this company features + sources its palm oil from countries that are not areas of conflict (read more here on their ingredients)

My tips for a natural + eco friendly skincare routine!

Drink lots of water! Even tea (without sugar)
Hydrate your skin. I used to ignore dry patches but now I’m on it with coconut oil
Eat a variety of plants
Switch to organic cotton bedding
Cleanse! I like using Toockies to wash off my makeup + clean my skin (Apoterra’s complexion soaps are featured here)




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