7 Self Care Ideas For When You Have A Bad Day

My natural state tends to be an optimistic one. I thrive off joy and helping others whenever I can. But I also thrive off self-reflection and recuperation. It’s a balance of the two, learning to be mindful of what I want & need.

But sometimes I do have bad days, those days that make me want to curl up hide or simply leave me frustrated. Or sometimes the news can be overwhelming, sad, and scary.

We can’t stop the bad days or the bad news from happening. I wish we could, but I believe in hope and recovery. Our selves come first, and here I am sharing some ways that can help you through those rough & tumble times, Remember to be kind to yourself and one another.

7 Self Care Ideas For When You Have A Bad Day

Shake it off: Move. When I have a bad day my mood goes low, I don’t feel (read: want to) do much of anything that requires energy. While its fine to allow yourself to feel & ride the waves of emotion there comes a time you want to move out of stagnancy or simply, feel better. So I move. I take myself (sometimes some headphones) and walk along my neighborhood. I challenge myself to notice what’s around me: the movement of wildlife, new flowers, the sky at that very moment. This helps me to stop focusing on why my day was bad or stop any negative thoughts from being so loud. Instead of fixating on something, I get some physical activity and time with myself.

There are studies that show walking or light exercise certainly help improve your mood + mental health

It helps stimulate your mental acuity + report better moods

An Australian study reported walking can boost physical + emotional health

 Sleep it off: Is it possible that sleep itself can relieve us from a bad day? Sleep can certainly help us by winding down our bodies, if we are in a state of stress we shouldn’t ignore the impact of adequate sleep and sleeping patterns. Sleep is required for many, many regenerative functions so do get the adequate amount of rest your body needs, like after a walk!




Write it down: There are so many ways to go about this. You can journal what happened as means of “letting it out’”, you can make several lists like “what makes me happy” or “what I want to achieve” and if writing isn’t really your thing, you can sketch or draw instead. I love this quote from University of Rochester Medical Center:


Keeping a journal helps you establish order when your world feels like its in chaos. It helps you get to know yourself by revealing your innermost fears, thoughts, and feelings. Look at your writing time as personal relaxation time, a time when you de-stress and wind down. Write in a place that’s relaxing and soothing—maybe with a cup of tea. Look forward to your journaling time, and know that you’re doing something good for your mind and body. / Journaling for mental health


I mean, enough said y’all.


Sing it out: If you’re like me and use Spotify for your music needs then I suggest putting on an album or mixtape. Whether you want to gravitate to a song that fits your mood at the moment or something uplifting it’s bound to have an effect on you. Or sift through a relaxing sounds mix to wind down. Either way I assure you music plays a role in helping your mood.


Two research articles on NAMI cover that listening to music has a clinically significant effect in elevating mood and symptoms


Treat yourself: Do something kind for yourself. No matter what you’re going through remember to look out for yourself as well. You are your own warrior. No matter what you must believe in yourself and recuperate. Treating yourself with compassion helps us develop better habits, we limit our self criticism, we develop positive coping skills. But most importantly, treat yourself in ways that support your growth and nourish you: take yourself to dinner & a movie, say kind things about yourself, sign up for a class you may have been curious about, take a long bubble bath with a book and candlelight.


Self-compassion is associated with better moods and positive characteristics

Self compassion also fosters resilience to adversity.

Self-Compassion Fosters Mental Health


Surrender + Acceptance: Sometimes I believe that I can think things over to the moon and back. I have gotten way better at managing this but I can’t deny it does happen during a bad day/week/issue. I don’t think I am alone in this. When we are going through a rough time we can have the tendency to rethink outcome or wish we could go back in time. I realized I spent so much time being hard on myself like pushing the pedals on reverse with no destination. Nowadays I don’t give in to these fixations. Things happen, life happens and at a point I throw my arms up and just give in. We cannot truly live in the past, its merely a replayed moment. I choose to accept because however else will I grow? Sometimes bad days can be lessons if we choose to let them be. Just let it be. It’s more than a “this too will pass” it’s a step forward to vulnerability and self empowerment.


Puppy love: Sometimes after a good while nothing helps shift my mood faster than looking at my sweet dog Mimi and realizing that this sweet lil’ pup needs me, whether its to play, give her a treat, or go for a walk. I know I can become lost in thought or feeling discouraged but if you are so lucky to have an animal I can’t recommend spending as much time with them! They bring your joy, responsibility, and comfort.


Petting a pup has shown to release positive hormones according to research

Animals are absolutely wonderful. I cannot recommend adopting + rescuing an animal in need and giving them a new home. You can use the Adopt A Pet to find a shelter in your area and save an animal’s life


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