Rabbit Rabbit!!  I love saying that at the beginning of the month, filling up my field notes for all the adventures I want to partake in, taking in the abundance of seasonal offerings and the fact that the weather has dropped. Waking to drizzly morning, lighting a few candles, and steeping warm cups of tea fill my heart with so much joy!

October was packed with so many activities: from haunted houses to sipping pumpkin lattes, visiting a few pumpkin patches and eating yummy roasted corn straight from the farms, dancing on haystacks and nibbling on kettle corn until the skies dimmed to dusk. Binge watching Stranger Things 2 and watching baseball while sharing slices of pie. Of course I got to carve another pumpkin and it was

I am sharing a list for what I want to do/experience/celebrate this November!

So here’s my list of what I would like to do this November! Beyond pumpkin pie, I want to create something delicious with seasonal fare! I have a few ideas in mind and can’t wait to try them out!! Also, I have the wildest ideas for s’more that don’t involve graham crackers…

& some other tidbits:

Visit the Grove in LA for some Stumptown Coffee and the Christmas Tree!

Also dine at Swingers Diner, cheeky name but a punk themed diner with excellent vegan food!

Making some time to be creative, no matter what!

Visiting more farmer’s markets across different cities, I love variety and exploring!

Being mindful of what I have, whether its edible, material, or non tangible.

I would love to hear what y’all have on your November lists! I hope this Fall weather stays forever!


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