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So y’all I am super late to the bowl-hype. As beautiful as they are, I never got the urge to create one. Thankfully change happens and I embarked on creating an oatmeal bowl that is pretty to gaze at, but refined sugar free, and filled with nutritional toppings

So, there are several reasons I aptly named this bowl the “Mermaid Bowl” it’s really just quick cooking oats with a few additions that give it the colorful cerulean hue. This oatmeal bowl has a lot of protein bursting through. By using quick cooking oats you can easily assemble it in the morning, pour the oats into a Pyrex container and you’re good to go. The overnight approach with any oats will work too. Plus edible flowers add that extra touch of dreaminess!


So mermaids? The color comes from two algae based powders: E3 Live’s Blue Majik Capsule and Moon Deli’s Blue Green Protein. Both contain sea-based ingredients that reflect its appearance. I love adding color, botanical color, anyway I can.

Moon Deli’s powder contains spirulina (it’s made up of 65% amino acids.) + tocotrienols making it super creamy (rice derived and provides bioavailability of vitamin E and D). Moon Deli only sources organic spirulina for their powder and a pinch of pink sea salt (keeping up with the oceanic theme here y’all)

Don’t worry, this bowl tastes nothing like the sea! Flavor wise it’s like mildly sweet take on maple oats with the sweetness of mulberries. You could even add some vanilla extract or powder to give it more of a sweetness without adding extra. The toppings here will give it a boost of sugar, simply stir it up! And I love adding edible flowers to this bowl! It ups the dreamy factor a few notches, let pretend they are sea anemones yall.



1 cup of quick cooking oats (you can use any oats you like!)

Prepare with 2 cups of water, ½ cup of milk, 1 tsp Ceylon cinnamon, and 1 tsp vanilla 1 tbsp Grade B maple syrup

Let cool and then add tsp of Moon Deli blue green protein, one capsule of Blue Majik and stir until the blue color is incorporated*

I topped mine with white mulberries, hemp seeds, edible flowers* and chia seeds!

Enjoy and tag me at @awildflowerspirit if you happen to make it yourself!


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