It is that time of year y’all, winter is coming and so are the holidays! Winter holds a special place in my heart. It yokes back to warm mugs of marshmallow filled hot cocoa, the shorter days gently nudging you to spend as much time in the daylight but once the skies dim you can always count on twinkling lights to guide the way (I can’t help but romanticize the seasons!)

I’ve come to realize that winter is a season of coming together. it harkens you to go inward and find warmth from the chill and reconnect with kin & company. As lovely as that does sound, it’s not always the smoothest sailing during the holidays. Some of us get stressed, some have too much on their plates, everyone has their own story during this time of the year so I hope yall remember to take deep breaths and focus on yourself first.

Here I have curated four gift guides that feature products that are either sustainable, handmade by artisans, and are wellness staples. There is guide for a cozy night in, the wildflower spirit, the conscious hostess (or yourself!), and self-care lounge. I wanted to select pieces that serve a purpose and function. Supporting local + handmade craft is a passion of mine and I enjoy observing the personality of the maker shine through their creations. Comfort + repose also come to mind when the weather drops. Of course everything in this guide is plant-based & vegan

GUIDE #1 A NIGHT IN: For the introspect, the dreamy reader who would rather get lost in the printed page, for the one who seeks a mindful night of meditation & repose.

Mitscoots Socks in The Kelly | An Austin, TX company that creates some whimsical and comfy cotton socks with a mission. They are manufactured in the USA and with each purchase, Mitscoots donates a part to someone in need +  partner up with local and national charities that help with distributing them.

L’apothicaire Co White Lotus & Water Lily Bath Salts | A beautiful blend of botanicals and kaolin clay to summon the misty, serene, scent of laying by an enchanted riverbed. Perfect for a night in, travel or decor.

Moon Deli Meditation Tonic | A blend of Reishi, Gotu Kola, and Schisandra make this powder versatile for topping anywhere you need a bit of a calming session. I’ve used it in lattes, but you can top it to oats, granola, and nut milks. All organic/plant based.

Angel Face Botanicals Kissed Gentle Foaming Cleanser | A botanical based cleanser with aloe vera, lavender, calendula (great for soothing the skin!) and Rose Geranium. Small batch made and comes in a glass bottle. I love this cleanser and it leaves your skin feeling so soft and smooth.

RAW by Olivia Mar Handmade Rings | I received my first coveted piece of jewelry this year. Featured here are the Aquamarine + triple stone Apatite ring – one of which is my birthstone! Olivia hand makes and selects stones that are ethical/sustainable. She is a go-to for collaborating (note: she also makes exquisite engagement rings and custom pieces!) use the code WILDFLOWER10 for 10% off!

Dear Fang With Love by Rufi Thorpe | Winter, for me, will still remind me of hiding in bookstores and souring the aisles for a new read to escape into while the festivities are going on, because sometimes we need to relax and get lost in a good chapter. This is a book I purchased at a bookstore in Laguna Beach and I am enjoying it so far, the description is:

“A bold, spellbinding novel featuring one of the most fascinating protagonists in recent memory, Dear Fang, With Love tells the story of seventeen-year-old Vera—ravishing, troubled, wildly intelligent—who travels to Europe with her estranged father, hoping that an immersion in history might help them forget his past mistakes and her uncertain future.”

Guide #2 FOR THE WILDFLOWER WANDERER: Given the title of my website, this one should come as no surprise. I like to live by the symbolism of wildflowers: bloom wherever you may find yourself and exhibiting positive energy. I love being surrounded by nature and cultivating its gifts. Wildflowers remind me of wanderlust, wishfulness, and wisdom. This guide is for the creative, curious, and compassionate.

Breeze Bot Punch ‘You Belong Among the Wildflowers’ Embroidery Hoop | These beautiful hand stitched hoops are so well crafted and make the perfect decor for the home and soul. This one refers to the Tom Petty song ‘Wildflowers.’ The shop owner creates other custom pieces in different layouts and they are thoughtfully packaged.

Anima Mundi Plant Based Collagen | Collagen has been having a moment, to say the least. But I like to keep things plant-based so when Adriana, the found of Anima Mundi, dropped a completely vegan collagen powder – I purchased it in a heartbeat. So what’s in it? He Shou Wu, Horsetail, Gynostemma, Nettles, Calendula (flower!), and Comfrey. I like to add it to lattes (okay maybe I add everything to my lattes) and tonics.

OSEA Advanced Protection Cream | Disclaimer: this is a luxury item, but it’s an investment. This cruelty free, vegan, botanical moisturizer cream features algae, amino acids, calendula, and squalene to preserve your skin and reduce lines/pigmentation. Best for dry, mature, sensitive skin types. A little goes along way! OSEA is based in Malibu featuring their natural skincare line free of toxic, synthetic ingredients which are packaged in glass jars you can recycle or reuse.

Apoterra Apothecary Rose Nourishing Serum with Rosehip + CoQ10 | This is my ride or die product because it works SO well, I have reviewed it before HERE and I have noticed my skin looks duller when I dont use it consistently (which is a few drops each night). Perfect for any woman because of the carrot seed oil which helps with sun damage and rose aroma for days. Apoterra Apothecary is committed to organic, wildcrafted botanicals and sustainable packaging.

Wanderful by Andi Eaton | Beautiful photography? Check. Tips on how to vacation like a bohemian goddess? CHECK. Andi Eaton complies a travel and style inspiration guide (covers various cities in the United States) and offers tips on how to prepare and immerse yourself in that location. Good vibes all around and reading this book allows you to transcend and appreciate the beauty of travel.

GUIDE #3: THE WELLNESS GURU/HOSTESS: This guide is for those who can pin + scroll through the newest plant based trends, cookbooks, and lurk on Well & Good for hours on end. They like to explore their creativity in their kitchen and host a good meal with inspiring flair and earth based elements. They care about the planet and cultivating wellness within themselves.

THE MIX by Liora Bels | This book is an easy and absolutely stunning visual on deliciously simple plant based dishes for any occasion: breakfast, snacks, mains, dessert, and dips/sauces. I love how she has incorporated minimal ingredients to create flavorful recipes and whole food. None of these recipes are time consuming and ca be created quickly if need be. Liora Bels is a noted health food chef, nutrition expert, and food consultant. Makes a beautiful gift with lots of creativity.

Aerolatte To Go Frother | This little tool has been a blessing – it definitely makes less noise than the metal based hand frother and less of a mess. I love the whisk and how portable it is! It does work with vegan milks and you can whip up a delicious creamy drink (hot chocolate, frappes, lattes, etc)whenever guests are expected, or just for you!

Juniper Copper Straws | These are a beautiful set of copper straws to make your drinks pop and reduce the use of plastic. They come with astray brush and Kraft container

Object Enthusiast Spice Spoon & Round Spoon | These beautiful spoons are created from solid brass and add a unique statement piece to any kitchen.

Anthropologie Quartz Geode Coasters | Going back to the exquisite quartz, these coasters add a striking element. Vibrant and created by the earth make these crystals a

Bellocq Brass Tea Strainer | I can’t be the only one with a thing for brass, I find it so elegant and these tea strainers are no different. Perfect for pour over teas and encourages you to sip on more loose leaf teas which are my favorite.


L’apothicaire Co. Botanical Bath Salts in Wild Rose & Peony | Another perfect fit for a night in (or travel) – these baths salts are created with Wild Rose, Peony Petals, Jasmine, White Tea, Neroli. They smell so wonderfully floral but balanced.

White Rabbit NYC ‘Ann’ Bralette & The Prince Cheeky | Consciosuly made in New York, these bamboo + microfiber based bralattes + cotton lined panties are exquisitely soft and comfortable. Bamboo fabric  more durable than cotton and White Rabbit sources ethically made fibers and their garments meets safety and environmental standard.

OSEA Brightening Serum | Another gem (and top rated) from OSEA, this lovely serum features Organic Algae, Ferulic Acid, Japanese Flowery Knotweed, Matsutake Mushroom and Bearberry. This serum is meant to brighten and reduce hyper-pigmentation. For those who love the sun a little too much and want to help their skin bounce back from the summer rays.

RAW by Olivia Mar Handmade Rings | I received my first coveted piece of jewelry this year. Featured here are the Aquamarine + triple stone Apatite ring – one of which is my birthstone! Olivia hand makes and selects stones that are ethical/sustainable. She is a go-to for collaborating (note: she also makes exquisite engagement rings and custom pieces!) use the code WILDFLOWER10 for 10% off!








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