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& We are here! A brand new year! A part of me is a bit grateful because I think 2017 was quite challenging, it caused me to be reflective, introspective (more than usual, and to ultimately believe in myself.

I can still recall December 2016: I was uncertain yet brimming with goals of what I needed to achieve. I wrote down (several times) these very hopes and objectives. Some of them were rose colored and others were practical.

However the end of 2017 I realized that sometimes we become so focused on the endgame and not the cultivating. Sometimes we settle thinking that what is first served is best for keeps. Its not.

In 2017 I realized that life is an experience full of many experiences. We have no say on the duration or direction of these experiences. Sometimes they are joyous, sometimes they are difficult. I spent this year being awfully hard on myself when I had to climb those obstacles. I spent the time wondering why I wasn’t where I wanted to be, instead of working toward it. Sometimes in order to reach your destination your need to work on yourself. Develop a relationship with yourself, hone your strengths, polish your communication. If not, we only become detached from ourselves.

In 2017 I also learned that you have to be your supporter. Not (only) because you should but because you are your own masterpiece and painter (or whichever art form you prefer) at the same time. You make yourself as you grow & go. This is why I have always aligned with the symbolism of the wildflower: bloom where you find yourself. We don’t always have control of our circumstances and not everyone has a support group they can rely on.


Here’s my philosophy for this year: surround yourself with those who encourage you to chase your dreams. Build yourself up, nourish your roots, paint those dreams. Trust yourself, encourage yourself to learn and recover if you fall.

Sometimes its easy to amplify the thoughts or words, be it from ourselves or others, that question our ideas. We give them more power by thinking fear is a winner by default. However, having encouragement or a genuine moment of praise is mightier that any doubts we could pile on. The magic in believing in transforming your thoughts or ideas into action and tangibility should be a motivating aspect to keep moving forward.


There was a point this year where I remember that list I made this year. When I reflected on this year and realized that I had achieved many of those handwritten notes, those eager desires, and moments of creativity, that I felt praise for myself. But do not that this amount to idyllic, for there is still so much I want to pursue and create, there’s a whole life I want to cultivate and imagine. The difference is, I am choosing to trust myself this time and that is all I truly need.



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